Nepal is regarded as the majestic Himalayan nation. It is the most famous tourists spot right now. The place is equipped with the different trails. You can access the best trails that suit your needs. The Annapurna is the famous trails in the Nepal region. Annapurna base camp trek 1 is the popular trek that

                   Worst floods hit-Urgent call for                         humanitarian assistance   Weeks of torrential monsoon rainfall across Nepal have caused catastrophic worst floods in Terai region Nepal, sweeping many villages  in the last week of August. At

Nepal is synonymous with trekking as Brazil is with football. It is a coveted destination for trekkers who come here every year to experience the Himalayas, rich mountain culture & lifestyle, pristine biodiversity and history. Annapurna, Everest and Langtang are the top trekking destinations in Nepal. Each of these destinations combines Himalayan peaks, high passes,

Nepal is known as the richest country for cultural diversity. We can found many kinds of people of different casts according to their habitant and their occupation. Every people speak their own language. Their language is different each other. But everyone can speak Nepali language because it is national language of Nepal. Brahmin, Chhetri, Gurung

Nepal Trekking Routes: Get spoilt by the beautiful Choices Trekking is often misunderstood by the large number of people across globe. Some refer it as the hiking while some refer it as tramping. However, trekking should be understood solely as pure wilderness adventure up in the Himalayas or the remotest part of the world with