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Balmiki Rijal (Sujan)

Balmiki Rijal (Sujan)

Tour Guide

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English & Hindi

Mr. Balmiki Rijal is a senior Tour and Trekking guide of Nepal Trekking Routes. He was born in Dhading, raised and educated in Chitwan District where an oldest, largest and famous Chitwan National Park is located. Mr. Rijal has been continuously working in the Nepalese Tourism Industry for more than 10 years. Although he is tour specialist, Mr. Rijal has done most of the treks in Nepal including from the Everest Region to Upper Dolpo Region. Fluent in Nepali, Hindi, and English languages, Mr. Rijal has completed his M.A. in English and Journalism from Tribhuvan University. He has sound knowledge in historical, religious, and cultural assets of Nepal. So, he has been assisting the national and international trekkers to know more about such sites during their trips. His intellectuality and straightforwardness has contributed a lot in fostering the positive image of NTR among the tourists across the world. Thus, Mr. Rijal has become an invaluable asset of the our agency.

He has done solo tour to a large group tour in different attractions of Nepal. He is the one who always seeks his happiness satisfying his client in every regards of a professional tour. According to him a professional guiding services cannot be defined and delivered to client by making and executing list of it. It depends upon the real time situation handling, and addressing the most of client interest during a tour and adventure. It is easy job in general but, tough at the same time. You cannot predict the unforeseen challenges so that you can be prepared in advance; neither it runs always like a needle of watch, so that anyone can perform it easily. Rather it has many factors involved in it. So you should have a kind of sixth sense to perform it nicely. He thinks a guide should have versatile qualities to handle it in any situation in the field.

He has dedicated himself into tourism industry as a full time job. He is also an unofficial researcher about tourism to make it better in future. He mainly focuses on interest of client by asking and reading their minds. Despite the pre-made itinerary, he always wants to include something more in activities that be done in same time and money.