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Simikot Hilsa Fossil Research Trekking


Simikot, district headquarter of humla is  one of the remotest and backward districts headquarter in terms of road, electricity and other urban facilities. The district touches Tibet on its northern side at Hilsa, a point famous as a gateway of Mt. Kailash.

Simikot hilsa trekking detail 

Simikot Hilsa Fossil Research Trekking will allow you to explore this under researched region in Nepal that is full of cultural and natural wonders. The journey starts with a  flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and further to Simikot. Simikot is the starting point of our trek. You will be spending your trek looking for fossils of plants and animals in Humla. Quite a few fossils have been discovered in the region that dates back to hundreds and thousands of years ago.

The region is said to be inhabited by one of the first settlers of humans to Indian subcontinent. A trek to carry out research in the region would certainly be suitable for researchers and students of fossils.

Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu
Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing
Day 03: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj by flight
Day 04: Flight to Simikot (2985m) and trek to Yakpa Pul (2630m)
Day 05: Yakpa pul to Dhinga (3610m)
Day 06: Dhinga to Shechi Lagna (3900m)
Day 07: Shechi Lagna – Chumsa (4300m)
Day 08: Chumsa to Talung (4370m)
Day 09: Talung to Jhang (3930m)
Day 10: Jhang to Halji (3650m)
Day 11: Halji to Til (3700m)
Day 12: Til to Manepeme (3990m)
Day 13: Manepeme to Hilsa (3720m)
Day 14: Hilsa to Yari (3670m)
Day 15: Yari to Muchu (3120m)
Day 16: Muchu to Salli Khola (2700m)
Day 17: Salli Khola to Dandafaya (2300m)
Day 19: Simikot – Nepalgunj - Kathmandu by flight.

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