Mount Everest, apart from being the tallest mountain, it is considered as the mother of all difficult challenges to be undertaken by extreme travelers. Although this Himalayan behemoth is not one of the toughest peak to scale, reaching it’s top can actually be very dangerous and even life threatening, thanks to acute mountain sickness, weather

Climbing Everest – Intrepid Journey to top of the world Life is a daring adventure. This statement made by anonymous author really sums up the difficulties a mankind faces in his/her lifetime. However, in this short life tenure making some noteworthy contribution to the society or doing extraordinary things really means a lot. If you

Nepal Trekking Routes: Get spoilt by the beautiful Choices Trekking is often misunderstood by the large number of people across globe. Some refer it as the hiking while some refer it as tramping. However, trekking should be understood solely as pure wilderness adventure up in the Himalayas or the remotest part of the world with