Life is a daring adventure. This statement made by anonymous author really sums up the difficulties a mankind faces in his/her lifetime. However, in this short life tenure making some noteworthy contribution to the society or doing extraordinary things really means a lot. If you have to think about doing extraordinary then there are varieties

  Mount Everest offers unlimited adventure trekking and other Nepal activities. The summit of the tallest mountain in the world is daunting task however the trekking can be done to reach its foothill i.e. Everest Base Camp. Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition offers the trekking in EBC at a competitive price. This daunting and

My Journey to Everest Base Camp Trekking Life is so unpredictable and surprising. Last month I got a call from one of my uncle that he is not going to Nepal for the Everest Base Camp Trekking trip which he has purchased. He asked me to go instead of him. I got as excited as

My First Journey of Everest Base Camp Trekking It was my dream of touching the World’s Tallest Mountain since the days of primary school. When I first learned about the tallest Mountain of the World from my grade teacher I had made up my mind to visit once. My dream materialized this September 27, 2016.

Sherpa Home Land Trekking  Sherpa has become synonymous to the word bravery and loyalty among people across the globe. If you are planning to learn and get acquainted with this brave ethnic group of Nepal then trekking in Nepal and choosing the Sherpa Homeland package would be the best way for you. Sherpa Home Land