Tea Houses And Foods On Everest Trek-Visit Nepal 2020
Tea Houses

Most individuals on their way to an Everest Base Camp will certainly go through Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. It is an incredible, climatic city to explore while you there awaiting your flight to Lukla, and also you will have an opportunity to sample several of the regional cuisine in tea houses  while you are there.

You may like Aaloo Dum (Nepali style fried potato) or Momo (dumplings). Kwati is a soupblended from 9 different beans, and Badam Sadeko is a snack of fried peanuts with chillies and garlic. For dessert you might try sweet yoghurt called Dahi or a Nepali whiskey called “Rakshi” which is made from millet. It is a strong drink that heats the belly on it’s way down.

A popular restaurant for trekkers in Kathmandu is the “Rum Doodle”. It is filled with souvenirs and messages from many Everest hiking teams in the Khumbu, with notes penned on paper yeti feet, which are pinned to the walls as well as hung from the rafters. It is an enjoyable place to visit before and also after your trek as it serves both Nepali and western food washed down with delicious “Everest Beer”.

Food Available In Tea Houses on the Everest Trek

The substantial bulk of the meals you eat on an Everest trek will be offered by the tea houses. These welcome rest stops are important facilities for the Everest Base Camp trek, giving over night accommodation and also a base for acclimatization day. Some tea houses are very basic whilst others have a higher level of convenience, but they are all places with character, offering a friendly welcome.

You might be startled by the amount of western dishes available; potatoes, soup, rice and chips can be found on almost every teahouse menus. They are high in carbohydrate so these are suitable for maintaining your body on your Everest Trek journey.

Everest Tea House Trek Food

You’ll also be presented with some Sherpa food, as well. Particularly, you will certainly see a Nepalese meal called Dhal Bhat, which is rice topped with a soup-like sauce made from vegetables and lentils. Dhal Bhat is the staple diet plan of the Sherpa people and also they spice it up with warm pickled veggies. On your Everest Base Camp Trip you will certainly see that your trekking staff consume Dhal Bhat for breakfast, lunch and also supper as it includes all the energy they require.

The majority of food will be prepared “from scratch” and prepared over a wood-burning or yak dung stove. When it comes to drinks, you must be careful on your Everest Trek to consume water that has been sufficiently purified/boiled. Hiking heats up your body so it is necessary to stay well hydrated. Along with the water there is always an abundant supply of black tea as well as a really sweet, milky tea called Masalla that the Sherpa people love.Trekkers are urged to carry snack food during the day to keep up stamina for the Everest Base Camp Trek, so feel free to enjoy pleasant treats like chocolate bars, dried fruits, nuts, beef jerky, granola bars, and power bars. A lot of teahouses en route sell snacks including some favorites from back home such as Hob Nob biscuits and also Mars bars.

Everest Summit Bids

The taxing on your body is even greater when hiking to Everest’s summit. Eating can be difficult during the climb because the altitude affects hunger, but climbers should try to keep their energy levels up.

The record-breaking Appa Sherpa, who has climbed Mt. Everest 13 times, including 4 times without supplemental oxygen, has noted exactly how the climbers from western societies and the Sherpas eat very differently on the mountain. Appa suggests a hot chili soup and potato with garlic and a traditional local spice called timmur. It could be just the energy source you require for your Everest Trekking.

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