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Lumbini Tour


Nepal is home of gods and goddesses. Be it a Hindu deity or Buddhists deity Nepal is blessed by the birth of sacred almighty. If you are in search of pilgrimage tour in Nepal or wants to know more about Buddhism then Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expeditions offers Lumbini Tour. The place is legitimately and proven birthplace of Lord Buddha. Explore majestic place where tranquility prevails and legends are present. One of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE the Lumbini is famous for multinational monasteries and pagodas.

The journey of Lumbini Tour starts with joyous highway drive from Kathmandu. This also endows mesmerizing opportunity to witness rural hilly and flatland lifestyle of people. Once people are in Kathmandu after exploration of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES of the valley the trip heads to Lumbini. The place is very much a Buddhists paradise. You can quench hunger for any teachings and articles related to Buddhism. Moreover, walking in the holy place where the messenger of peace Lord Buddha was born is must to do task for any Buddhists followers. Ashoka Pillar erected by emperor Ashoka is another landmark to observe. Mayadevi temple of Buddha’s mother and the place where Lord took seven steps immediately after birth are explored. Apart from pilgrims the place is equally significant for archaeological studies. Not only in Lumbini area can the Kapilvastu area where King Suddhodhan father of Buddha palace be witnessed. Peace pond to legendary banyan tree and various monasteries representing different countries like Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Mongolia etc. can be visited. Buddhist museum and entire area is perfect for meditation as well.

Book the Lumbini Tour package with Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expeditions. This is more than just exploring new place rather it is an act of holiness where you will be leaving your footprints at the birthplace of Lord Buddha. For more details and pilgrimage instructions regarding Nepal’s pilgrim destinations always remember us. 

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