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Lalit Saru

Lalit Saru

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One of the pioneers in the Nepalese Tourism Industry, Mr. Lalit Saru has spent more than 25 years. He has witnessed the changing trend of tourism and tourists in these years. He has not only spent happy times but also some harsh experiences in his career. However, he is satisfied in his profession and still happily going through the very profession. He has understood that ease and harshness are the two parts of the same coin, so, he has been tirelessly involved in tourism sector.

A permanent resident of Dhading District, Mr. Saru is one of the experienced trekking guides in the Tourism Industry of Nepal. He has served thousands of national and international trekkers moving to Nepal for adventurous journeys, especially across the Himalayas. “I think I was born for exploring the high altitude places although life there is not that easy. I feel happy when I get to help the foreigners and nature lovers with the trekking in high altitude regions. Guiding them along the sloppy trails out there gives me tremendous happiness which I cannot get from anything else,” says Mr. Saru.

Mr. Saru has been a true friend cum guide to hundreds of foreigners from across the globe. They reach him personally for taking his suggestion about the perfect trekking package in various seasons. NTR feels really honored to have had a trekking guide like Mr. Saru as one of its team members.