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Nepal Is Safe To Travel

Nepal recently got devastated with the earthquake of 2015 tolling lots of property and lives. Nepal is rebuilding and rising again. All trekking trails have been functioning very well now. The seasons of the 2016 is proving to be the largest tourists’ arrivals and 2017 holds lots of promises. Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition is glad to mention that Nepal is absolutely safe to travel.

Nepal is ranked as the safest place for the tourists to trek or tour. The remote areas and the city areas too are free from civil war or any kinds of violence towards tourists. It should be noted that during insurgency and Maoists revolution too the tourists were safe. Furthermore, the revolutionary factions of then Maoists Party too are in the government now after the successful peace and reconciliation programs. Therefore, trekkers or tourists need not worry about the safety. In case of the natural calamities the prompt rescue system either from helicopter or land is possible now. Highly trained and skilled trekking guides and support crew of the Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition would ensure the great travelling experience without any hassles.

Undoubtedly Nepal is safe to Travel. The Roughguides list of must to visit country placed Nepal as the top country to visit. Lots of other travel recommending agencies and sites too declared Nepal as safe. Therefore, Visit Nepal and help us develop the sustainable tourism. The impeccable hospitality and tremendous quality of service is guaranteed.