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Helping for Education!!!

I grew up in a remote mountain village near Mount Ganesh Himal Region. My parents were farmers and their daily horse working in the farm could hardly meet our daily expenses. To send my siblings and myself to school was an uphill struggle for both my parents. Hadn’t I received financial assistance from our kind neighbors, I wouldn’t have finished my school education.

My difficult upbringing has taught me the value of support one can get from someone when we can’t afford to continue studies in educational institution. I would be somewhere without no vision and no future if I didn’t have full financial and social support from kind-hearted people. Thus, social service remains an integral part of my life.

 I am engaged with my community through different types of social service like providing scholarship, school re-construction programs, and volunteerism to better the life of rural, poor and marginalized people.

Currently, I am providing scholarships to students of Karneshwor Secondary School, the school I myself attended in my village. The scholarships cover the study expenses of 10 students studying in grades 5 to 10. The ten students are selected from communities that belong to ethnic minorities, marginalized group, untouchable castes and those with low financial status.

I make yearly allocation of around 10-15% of the total revenue generated from my trekking business. The allocated sum is directly handed over to the local committees and communities.

If you would like to support any kind of financial assistance or engage in social services in Nepal, please do let us know. There are lot of students who are deprived of the basic rights of education, food and even clothing’s. The earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015 has left over 500,000 homeless, 2500 schools in total damage and many thousands of kids rendered orphans.

You can either directly extend help through our social service programs or just by picking one of our trekking programs. Nepal needs your help now more than ever!

Shailesh Pokharel

Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd

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