Bhutan Paro Tour

Duration6 Days
Trip GradeEasy
Group Size1-12
Best TimeMarch to May & Sep to Dec

Bhutan Paro Tour Highlights

  • Visit the most famous places in Bhutan; Thimpu, Punaka/Wangdue, and Paro
  • Sightseeing at the most important landmarks
  • Explore around ancient old Buddhist Monasteries
  • An All-Inclusive tour with private transportation (as per itinerary)

Welcome on the amazing Bhutan Paro tour 6 days! Upon your arrival at the international airport of Paro, Bhutan our Nepal Trekking Routes guide as well as your local Bhutanese guide will be awaiting you at the arrival section. Having enjoyed incredible aerial views of the Thunder Dragon Country before landing we hold a small welcoming and thank you ceremony. Bhutan has All-Inclusive Packages which include private transportation, hotel accommodation, sightseeing fees and meals. For your first night in Bhutan we head via private car to Thimpu the capital city.

Thimpu, the Capital of Bhutan

The drive from Paro to Thimpu takes about 2 hours. It’s a scenic drive through the countryside with incredible views of mountains, forests and valleys. Known as the most popular tour in Bhutan, the Bhutan Paro tour starts officially at the 2,350m/7,710ft high capital city of Thimpu. It’ll be late afternoon before we arrive at your booked hotel. You must be tired form your journey and we suggest to take a rest or head out and explore around Thimpu and the local markets. In the evening we have dinner at the hotel as well as going over tomorrow’s sightseeing in Thimpu plan.

Good morning! It’s your first morning in Bhutan and after a delicious breakfast at the hotel we go exploring and sightseeing at the best places in Thimpu, Bhutan’s capital and cultural city. First we visit the famous and well known Memorial Chorten. Locally known as the Thimphu Chorten this white with golden stupa is Bhutan’s most visible religious land mark. In honor of the fifth Dragon king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck the stupa was built in the south central part of the city on a patch of green grass. After sightseeing here we plan a visit to the Zilukha Nunnery. Founded over fifty years ago this Nunnery also the biggest in Bhutan is where we go visit nuns who live and pray here. Locally known as the Druthob Gumpa, the Nunnery is created in such a peaceful setting that one can truly find peace here. Continuing the Bhutan Paro tour, we go and visit the Takin Sanctuary. The Takin is a unique animal that resembles a goat and cow mixed. We go check them out and learn more about their origin and nature.

Afterwards, we make visits to the Institute of Medicinal Services, and the Textile and Heritage Museum which is a big part of Bhutan’s cultural background. Enjoying a Bhutanese lunch we continue the sightseeing tour in Thimpu.

Next up on the Bhutan Paro tour is a cultural visit to the Traditional School of Arts & Crafts. Promoting the unique Bhutanese culture true arts & crafts the Choki Traditional School provides free tuition, and a home to youths in Bhutan. We go sightseeing here and learn about the deep culture of this incredible country! Lastly we plan a visit to the ancient fortress Tashichho Dzong. Rebuild by the fifth Dragon King this fortress lays just on the Wang Chu River on the northern edge of the city. It’s a great place to end the sightseeing tour in Thimpu. In the evening we reach back at the hotel and enjoy a hearty dinner. It’s our last night in the capital as the next day we continue the Bhutan Paro tour and head for Punakha/Wangdue.

Visit the old Capital Punakha/Wangdue:

Known as the old capital of the country, Punakha/Wangdue is a place you must visit when in Bhutan! After a good breakfast we check out from the hotel and leave Thimpu behind. The drive is incredibly scenic. A few miles before the old capital we cross the Dochu-La Pass (3,150m/10,335ft). We hold a short break her to check out and enjoy the spectacular views! Snowy peaks of the Himalayas paint the background creating a magical and alluring view. Enjoying these views we continue on to our destination. It’ll be around lunch time after we checked in to our hotel in Punakha.

Punakha has a few places to go sightseeing and we’ll hold a small excursion to visit these. First we visit the most beautiful and popular fortress of Bhutan, the Punakha Dzong. Build in 1637, this Dzong is also known as the second largest and oldest of the country. We take our time to learn more about the history of Punakha, check out the views and see some of the holy scriptures that are placed in the Dzong. Afterwards, we go visit the Chhimi Lhakhang Monastery. Couples who are looking to start a family come to pray here for fertility, dubbing the monastery with the name “the Temple of Fertility”. Here we get to see some of the unique traditions and customs that Bhutanese follow. In the evening we return to our hotel or go and explore the evening markets of Wangdue. Tomorrow we travel back to Paro for some of the main highlights during the Bhutan Paro tour.

Paro, home of the Tiger’s Nest Monastery:

We leave Punakha/Wangdue after breakfast and checking out of the hotel. The road is the same but in reverse now, and we drive it back via the Dochu-La Pass and taking a stop at Thimpu’s Honshu Tibetan Refugee Village. After about 3hrs of driving we reach back at Paro, where the Bhutan Paro tour started. Reaching back here gives quite a nostalgic feeling, this time however we plan to stay here a full day to enjoy the best places to see in Paro! For your first evening in Paro we suggest taking a stroll around and perhaps trying out one of the famous hot stone baths Paro is famous for.

We take an early breakfast and start the last part of the Bhutan Paro tour of 6 days. First we head to the all famous and world renowned Buddhist monastery the Tiger’s Nest. Locally known as the Taktsang Monastery this complex is located on the side of a steep cliff connected with a stone staircase. It takes a few hours to reach the top, and for warry travelers ponies can be hired to make the trip up smoother. The monastery has a deep history in Buddhism and is placed to hide one of the thirteen Tiger’s Nest Caves where Vajrayana was practiced by Padmasambhava. We take our time to explore the entire monastery and create fabulous memories! Afterwards, we head back to Paro for lunch and to continue on with our sightseeing tour around Paro. In the afternoon we visit the old Drukgyel Dzong. Build in 1649 this old fortress and monastery now lays in ruins but is still open to the public for exploration. After this we head for the Kyichu Monastery. Known as the oldest and most sacred monastery in Bhutan, this spiritual place is said to hide numerous cultural treasures!

In the evening we explore around the old markets of Paro. Filled with cultural and unique handicraft items the spice markets also provide a special allure and exotic environment. Dinner we have back at the hotel and we have our last overnight in Bhutan as tomorrow we conclude the 6 days Bhutan Paro tour. Explore and see the best places in Bhutan with Nepal Trekking Routes Bhutan Paro tour!

Short itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival at Paro’s International Airport + drive to Thimpu

Day 02: Sightseeing in Thimpu

Day 03: Drive to Punakha/Wangdue

Day 04: Drive back to Paro via Thimpu

Day 05: Visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Trip PlanExpand All
  • Arrive at the airport in Paro
  • Meet our representative with your local guide
  • Scenic drive with private car for about 1hr30min to Thimpu
  • Hotel check in
  • Enjoy the night life of Bhutan’s capital city
  • Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Thimpu


  • Early hotel breakfast
  • Guided sightseeing tour around Thimpu:
  • Visit the Memorial Chorten
  • Visit the Zilukha Nunnery
  • Visit the Takin Sanctuary
  • Visit the Institute of Medicinal Services
  • Lunch
  • Visit the Textile and Heritage Museum
  • Visit the Traditional School of Arts & Crafts
  • Visit the Tashichho Dzong
  • Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Thimpu


  • Early hotel breakfast and check out
  • Scenic drive to the Dochu La Pass
  • Short break to enjoy the views from the Pass
  • Continue the drive to Punakha/Wangdue
  • Hotel check in and lunch
  • Guided sightseeing tour around Punakha/Wangdue:
  • Visit the famous Punakha Dzong
  • Visit the Chhimi Lhakhang (The temple of fertility)
  • Drive back to your hotel
  • Visit the afternoon markets of Wangdue
  • Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Punakha/Thimpu


  • Hotel breakfast and check out
  • Drive back to Thimpu via the Dochu La Pass
  • Visit the Hontsho Tibetan Refugee Village
  • Drive back to Paro for about 1hrs30min
  • Hotel check in
  • Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Paro


  • Hotel breakfast
  • Morning excursion to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Taktsang)
  • Guided sightseeing tour around Paro:
  • Visit the Drukgyel Dzong
  • Visit the Kyichu Monastery
  • Explore around old town and the markets of Paro
  • Drop off at hotel
  • Dinner and last overnight at your hotel in Paro
  • Hotel breakfast and check out
  • Transfer to the international airport
  • Nepal Trekking Routes hopes you enjoyed the Bhutan Paro Tour of 6 days and hopes to see you again for another adventure soon
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No, you can only visit and get entry in Bhutan via a registered and licensed agency such as Nepal Trekking Routes. Bhutan packages are all inclusive and tourists get private transportation, accommodation, meals, and a local Bhutanese guide by booking through an agency.

Yes you can extend your trip for Bhutan to Nepal. Paro is just a short flight away from Kathmandu, and Nepal Trekking Routes is more than happy to organize any tour, trek or adventure package for you. Nepal has on arrival tourist visa, and we can arrange your flight tickets from here.

While traveling in Bhutan is suitable during any month, with each season its unique atmosphere and scenes. According to us the best month or months to book a tour in Bhutan is during spring, March to May. The valleys of the Land of the dragon turn into colorful fields of wild flowers, truly a sight you won’t forget!

Bhutan has designated tours and packages which include all fees of accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, guide, and meals. You can bring extra cash to tip but all hotels have 20% service charges included, so it is not required. To tip your driver and guide is up to you, but always appreciated in good spirit!

You can easily book a Bhutan tour with us using our website, or by mail inquiry to: or Bhutan has two seasons (Low & High) with two rates as well.

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