Bhotekoshi River Rafting

Duration1 Days
Trip GradeEasy
Maximum Altitude1350 M
Group Size1-12
Best TimeSpring & Autumn Season

Bhotekoshi River Rafting is steepest action packed rafting trip. For those who have limited time for rafting or just the desire for an adrenaline overload, Bhotekoshi river rafting is only one rafting trip.   put in point for Bhote koshi river rafting is at the Borderland Resorts,which is 95 km to the east of Kathmandu. It is conveniently located at the highest possible raft launch on the river and is the base for activities such as Canyoning, Trekking, Climbing and Mountain Biking all around the Tibetan border. The resort has spacious safari tents, toilets and massive dining hall with a well stocked bar. All the indulges of home in a very exotic setting. A perfect compliment to your trip can be an extended stay at river bank.

The Bhote Koshi River is a popular destination for rafting in Nepal. It is known for its challenging rapids and beautiful scenery, making it a favorite among adventure enthusiasts.

Here is some information about Bhote Koshi River rafting:

Location: The Bhote Koshi River is located in Nepal, about 60 kilometers east of Kathmandu.

Duration: The rafting trip usually lasts for about 1-2 days, depending on the length of the route you choose.

Difficulty level: The Bhote Koshi River is known for its challenging rapids, with class III to class V rapids. It is recommended for experienced rafters or those who are physically fit and ready for a challenge.

Best time to go: The best time to go for Bhote Koshi River rafting is from October to December or from March to May when the weather is dry and the water levels are moderate.

Cost: The cost of Bhote Koshi River rafting depends on the duration of the trip, the route you choose, and the season. It usually ranges from $100 to $200 per person.

Safety measures: It is important to choose a reputable rafting company with experienced guides who prioritize safety. You should also wear a life jacket, helmet, and appropriate clothing during the rafting trip.

Overall, Bhote Koshi River rafting is a thrilling and unforgettable experience for those seeking adventure in Nepal.

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