Privacy Policy

Being a tourism agency, Nepal Trekking Routes is always committed to helping you book the best trip package at the most reasonable cost. The data you share with us remain safe and secure. We want to clarify about what, when, why and which information we collect from you. Our Privacy Policy describes all the objectives behind our intention of data collection from the customers and visitors of the website.

About Nepal Trekking Routes

Nepal Trekking Routes is a tourism agency that provides services related to travel, trekking and mountaineering in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

It is located at Bhagwati Mandir, Thamel Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Personal Data We Collect:

We collect the personal information from our visitors in two conditions: one, while contacting us and the other while booking the trip with us. While contacting us, we collect the following information from the customer:

  • Name
  • Email address

Besides this, while our customer is about to book a tour or trek package with us, we obtain the following data:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Country
  • Full Address (Temporary and Permanent as well)
  • Phone or Mobile Number
  • Full Name  on Account
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • Billing Address
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City/Town
  • State/Province
  • Post Code


Cookies help you save your name, email address and website while you’re visiting our official site. You may want to leave a comment; to log into the site; or even edit or publish an article. In this situation, an additional cookie will be saved in your browser.

Cookies help you navigate between pages efficiently, remember your search preferences and improving your experiences while visiting the sites. However, the cookie doesn’t contain any personal security data like password and is discarded as soon as you log out or close the browser.

Why We Use Your Personal Data

We use your personal data to:

  • Respond to the queries you have made.
  • Make sure of the booking of a trip.
  • Prepare legal documents required for a trip.
  • Make reservation of transportation and accommodation services during the trip.
  • To make certification of the trekking trip you have made with us.

Legal Bases to Process Your Data

We collect your personal information when it is genuinely necessary for our legitimate interests. And, only if our website doesn’t function without this.

When and How We Collect Your Data

We collect your information in three different conditions. They are:

  • When you contact us via email.
  • When you book a trip with us via our online booking procedure.
  • When you subscribe our official portal for regular updates.


The other prominent feature of our agency is the newsletters automatically sent to our valuable clients. As soon as a new product or special offer is ready, our automated system delivers a newsletter with the gist of such products. The condition for the newsletter is that you must subscribe our website.

Personal Data Storage Duration

We store your personal data for only a year and then, it is removed by the system automatically.

Sharing Your Data, Privacy Policy 

Your Personal Data are our responsibility, and we assure that we are fully liable in the privacy, secrecy and security of the information. We don’t share the personal information with any other agency or third party alliance unless it is obligatory. However, we are obliged to share your data with the regulatory and government bodies as well as any rightful law enforcement agencies.

Age Bar

We aren’t strict about the particular age of our visitors, however, we agree on the general concept about the internet users’ age i.e. 16 and above. If you are below the specified age, please visit our terms and conditions in presence of either of your parents.

Your Rights

As a customer of Nepal Trekking Routes, we highly respect your personal and legal rights that you secure regarding your personal data. We ensure you have the following rights:

  • Subject Access Request.
  • Correct your information stored with us.
  • To inform us to erase your data.
  • Restrict the processing we do.
  • Take your data away from us.
  • Complaint against misuse or mismanagement of your data.
  • Unsubscribe our portal for the regular automated updates.

Safety of Your Data

As stated in the introduction clause, we are totally concerned about keeping your personal data safe and secure. The collected data is stored securely in the servers based in Nepal. We regularly monitor our systems for any loopholes and flaws. In addition, we closely monitor the access to your data. Only our staff and the rightful law enforcement agencies can view the recorded information in an appropriate condition.

Note: You’re requested to view our Privacy Policy before adding a comment or log into our site for the complete knowledge about it. Privacy Policy is a subject to update from time to time. To get the up-to-date notice, please, do visit this section regularly. In case of any updates regarding your data, you will be informed in advance or post updates.