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This trekking in Nepal lies in the Dolpo region of Nepal. The base camp of the Api Himal trek presents the forgotten route of the western region of Nepal. The serenity and tranquility prevailing in this remote land ensures the absolute wilderness as adventure while you trek. The varieties of the culture, abundant presence of the rivers, flora, faunas, endangered species of birds and animals make this off the beaten track of Nepal trekking the most diversified trekking destination like that of the Annapurna Region trek of Nepal. The green lush forests from the subtropical to the alpine forests. The green pastures cut by the gorgeous glacial rivers would make any trekkers glued to the destination. The panoramic mountain views as seen in this trail are of Api, Thado Dhunga Tuppa, Kapchuli, Rajamba. Some mountains of the Uttar Pradesh region of India as well.

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Api himal trek is the most famous mountain in the Far Western and western region of Nepal. It has been the best kept secret of the remote land of the Dolpo region. The wonders of nature and the magnificent landscapes are on the plate of the Nepal trekking routes for you to enjoy. The major religion of this region’s people are Buddhism and Hinduism. It is believe that the authentic Nepalese language originated from the region. This package of the region contains the culture, traditions, natural landscapes and mountains amalgamated together. The major trekking in Nepal destinations offers the usual scenes and settings but the trekking in these off the beaten trekking trail would be the virgin experience in the Himalayas trek and hilly region of Nepal.

Book this trekking in Nepal at the Api himal trek region of Nepal with the talented and zealot team of the Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expeditions.



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