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Trekking Guide And Porter In Nepal

Trekking Guide and Porters in Nepal offers the immense level of service to its clients. Working in the high altitude bearing the adverse weather conditions is not an easy task to perform. Moreover in today’s global village time period they have to deal with the multinational trekkers with different culture, language and lifestyle. Therefore, the job of the trekking guide and porters in Nepal is very challenging and contribute much to the sustainable tourism in Nepal.

Trekking guides in Nepal have their own story of hardship and career path. Generally after working few years as a porter and if the person is ambitious then they leapt towards the guiding job. Most of the trekking guides are not highly educated however they have vast knowledge regarding the Himalayas, trails and the possible outcomes of the situation in high altitude. For the novice ones coming into the field of Nepal Trekking they have to start from the porter then only they can transform themselves into trekking guide. Government of Nepal has designated the certain courses after which anybody can become the trekking guide and acquire license to conduct group. Nowadays, lots of the youngsters are attracted towards this job and are improving the job as well. The sound academic environment has evolved the guiding job too. These trekking guides put on great effort to bring the smile on the face of his/her clients. In the high altitude these people are also human being and might get caught with the altitude sickness, home sickness and tiredness. The best part of these unbelievably intrepid human beings is that they always smile. At an altitude of about 5000 m and carrying about a ton on the back is not a joke. Porters ensure that all the belongings, clothes and necessary items for the successful trekking are transported to the destination on time. There are narrow trails, uphill, downhill, suspension bridges, herds of yaks, thin air and lots of hurdles yet these brave people do it with ease.

People should respect these spectacular people who continuously walk up in the Himalayas for the best holiday moments of trekkers. It should be understood by everyone coming to Nepal for the trekking that these people who are from different economic to social background of Nepal are the real unsung heroes of Nepal trek