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Our Story

Nepal Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd. (in short NTR) is registered as a trekking company under the Department of Tourism and the Company Registrar’s Office in 2015 AD, Nepal. Being a licensed trekking agency, NTR is allowed to operate trekking and tourism activities in any part of Nepal.

The idea of running a trekking Company came to My mind after I  had spent nearly a decade in the tourism industry of Nepal. I concluded if I started my own company, it would be possible to provide the quality services to the clients in a better and different way. I was working as a porter, guide, team leader, and trip planner influenced to materialize my experience of conducting trekking in the Himalayas. Me my self has served to the clients from North America, Europe, South East Asia, Pacific Region, Africa, and South America respectively. For me, it was necessary to run a local tour operator agency under mine own leadership to implement my mission, vision, and expertise all on my own. Thus, I was appointed a team of highly experienced trekking guides and other tourism enthusiast as workforce of NTR. 

Amongst around 3,500 of tour and trekking operators in Nepal, NTR stands in the list of top tourism agencies due to its unique principle and functionality. It believes in show casing Nepal in a much more intimate and personalized way. Next, it is guided by the principle of offering personalized services at competitive prices. NTR does not compromise on the level and quality of services it offers regardless region, nationality, gender, religion, and occupation. All clients are equally valuable and are the brand ambassadors of the company, which is dedicated to prioritizing its clients’ safety and comfort first.

Officially, NTR is associated with Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF-Nepal), and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) as an active member. Most importantly, it is always a step ahead in implementing its core values of Responsible Tourism in Nepal.


Quench your tour and trekking thirst with us!

Our Mission


NTR aims at catering our valuable customers with the fair quality services they desire and require to make their tour and trekking in Nepal a whole lot of lifelong memory and lifetime experience.


NTR envisions maintaining a friendly atmosphere while facilitating national and international tourists and trekkers by the means of our nearly a decade-long expertise and experience in the Nepalese tourism industry.

Why Nepal Trekking Routes?

  • Over a decade-long experience and expertise in the Nepalese tourism industry.
  • Led by an educated personality; both academically and professionally. 
  • “Down-to-earth” management as the CEO himself has continuously served in this sector right from ground level, i.e. a porter and gradually promoted as a trekking guide, team leader, and trip planner.
  • Your security, comfort, desire, and satisfaction outweigh the financial aspect.
  • Flawless ground-handling skills.
  • Belief in “Guests are God!” principle.
  • Highly skillful and professional crew members dedicated to providing you services and information of natural and cultural landmarks of particular trekking regions of Nepal.
  • Prompt and effective decisions in hard, unfavorable circumstances.
  • Rescue and quick evacuation services at unsurpassable conditions, be they related to your health or harsh natural conditions.
  • Trustworthy and reliable ‘services with smile and care’ as you’re our responsibility until you complete your trip successfully.
  • Last minute booking services.
  • Thorough counseling and queries’ addressing before booking any trip.
  • Easy payment method: IME, Wire Transfer, banking transfer, or any other legal medium.
  • Liberty of customizing the trip even in the middle but in a mutual understanding.

Our Ethical Guidelines

  • All the NTR staff members respect the Mother Nature, so are guided by Responsible Tourism for environmental balance and conservation.
  • We are fully guided by Tourism Act, 2035 (1978AD), Tourism Policy, 2065 (2008AD), and other related laws and by-laws of the Nepal Government.
  • Our support team members enjoy all the rights and standards guaranteed by the ILO and other parameters set by Workers’ and Employers’ Organizations, which are active nationally and internationally. 
  • We are always committed to practice and promote ethical tourism while caring for our fragile, close relationship with nature across the nation.
  • Our guiding principles: “Guests are God!” and “Your security, joy, comfort, and desire are our top priority.” 
  • We use local products and services to contribute for bringing changes in development and livelihood of the local people by working together with local communities.
  • We don’t and don’t let our clients use the things and do the activities that cause short-term and long-term impacts in the biodiversity across the country.
  • We respect and advise our clients to respect the culture, tradition, beliefs, and lifestyle of the local people.
  • We don’t and suggest our clients not to do any activity that hurts the emotion of local people.

Your Safety, Our Priority

  • “Your safety is our first and foremost priority” is our working principle.
  • Plenty of time is allocated for acclimatization in each itinerary so as to avoid acute mountain sickness (AMS).
  • The support team members always follow the safest route although it may sometimes be longer still.
  • Accommodation and food in a hygienic lodge or teahouse during the trip.
  • Our trekking guides have knowledge about using the first aid kits for minor injuries and porters transport your luggage as safe as it is possible. However, in case of harsh conditions, emergency evacuation and rescue services will be provided. 

Terms & Conditions 

NTR is a government-registered and licensed local tour operator located in Thamel, Kathmandu. Therefore, you can book any trip with us without any doubt by utilizing online booking facilities, making phone calls, via email services, WhatsApp, and Facebook respectively.

Experienced guide & porters

All our trek guides are experienced of more than 10 years


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We will be there for each and every time on your support.

Family Holidays

Our treks are for child of 7 years to man of 70 years.

Resonable price

We provide these treks on very affordable price and no hidden charge.

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