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Day Tour in Nepal



There are unlimited activities to carry out in Nepal for the best holiday moments. Nepal offers unlimited trails for trekking in Nepal as well as for the single day tours in Nepal. Hiking is the best viable option for those who have considerably less time yet wish to witness the feeling of jungle walk, village walk and rural paddy farm fields walk in Nepal. Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition offers this Day tour in Nepal – Hiking in Nepal package to ensure the adventure gained in a day’s walk in this magnificent Himalayan country. Furthermore, we have formulated the heritage ancient Durbar Square walking tour, UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sightseeing Day Tours, Pilgrimage sites like Swyambhunath, Boddhanath, Pashupatinath and Changunarayan day tours, Kakani and other surrounding hills of Kathmandu Valley visit for the purpose of either Bird Watching or Jungle walk. The ancient traditional Newari villages and community visit is also the popular Day tours packages among tourists.

Day tours in Nepal are the essential touristic activities caterer to serve the hikers and tourists the best attraction of the host country in relatively short space of time. This world over popular tour is slightly changed and altered by Nepal Trekking Routes & Expedition to accommodate the wilderness adventure holiday in a day’s tour. Hiking in Nepal for at least a day you can do in various trails. We offer you the Sarangkot Hiking in Pokhara, Shivapuri National Park Hiking, Nagarkot Hiking and Nagarjuna Hill Hiking. The chance to witness the Malla and Licchhavi Dyansty monuments, architectural masterpiece and Palaces is also the highlights of the Day tour in Nepal. It should be note that Nepal Trekking Routes has give immense care while planning the Day tours in order to incorporate the nature and culture in a single day. The prices for the tours have expertly place which would make all the tourists get back the entire penny spend for the tour. We have extremely talented tour guides who are certified and well versed in various languages.

Come and enjoy the magnificent Nepal’s culture, traditions, craftsmanship, temples, pagodas, jungle, villages, people, Himalayan ranges and much more touristic attractions natural as well as man made by booking the day tours in Nepal packages put forwarded by us.


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