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Tourism in Nepal Reopens


Tourism in Nepal Reopens

  • 4 years ago

Tourism in Nepal Reopens

The government of Nepal declared the end of the 4-months-long nationwide lock-down from the midnight of Tuesday, July 21 and Tourism in Nepal Reopens. After the second case of novel coronavirus (nCoV) was noticed on 23rd March 2020, the Nepal Government officially announced the lock-down from March 24. The lockdown resulted in the suspension of roadway transportation services as well as national and international flights. This pandemic that the world was going through definitely disturbed the peak season of tourism activities in Nepal. Numerous travellers from all around the world had to cancel their plans of tour and trekking in Nepal.

Yes, the COVID-19 caused a great impact in almost every sector of the world ranging from daily to administrative activities. Moreover, obviously, tourism industry of Nepal did not remain unaffected by this deadly virus and its quick spread. Despite their dream of visiting Nepal, thousands of foreign tourists had to draw back the packages booked via local tour operators. The tourism agencies were forced to shut down their activities from tour to adventurous tourism and from trekking to expedition in the Himalayan country.

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Situation of COVID-19 for Tourism in Nepal Reopens

At a glance, the situation did not seem that easy to come to new normal as the spread ratio of this clever virus was not predictable. The travel, trekking and mountaineering companies of Nepal were completely shut down that all other stakeholders of tourism industry were also badly affected. Many of the tourism entrepreneurs and the staff members of the companies were thinking of changing their professions as well. The main tourist destinations of Nepal saw almost zero movement of the local people, let alone the international tourists!

Even amidst the negative effects in other sectors, the Nepalese saw a few positive impacts of the nationwide lock-down. The environmental imbalance has been to restore as the vehicles and factories are completely shut. Indeed, they are the most responsible factors for releasing CFCs and other pollutants that pollute the environment. The Great Himalayas located at the Northern Nepal were seen from almost every part of the country. The roads were renovated and black topped in this zero-movement-situation. 

Another positive aspect of Covid-19  for Tourism in Nepal Reopens 

There was low or no intervention of human beings to the natural heritage sites during this lock-down. Therefore, the urban areas like Kathmandu and the Lake City Pokhara were beautified just like a bride on her wedding day! Needless to talk about the restored beauty of the popular trekking destinations of Nepal like Annapurna, Manaslu, Everest and many more. Another positive aspect seen during this lockdown is that instead of living in urban areas unnecessarily returning to the rural areas is the best way. You know, this realization is sure to make the isolated villages’ en route various trekking destinations more pleasant. The facilities for the trekkers will be provided by the local people in their respective regions. 

Instead of planning for a more difficult camping trekking, you can do teahouse trekking in Nepal. Camping trekking is more difficult than teahouse trekking as you have to manage the crew containing different members. It is okay for the restricted area trekking in Nepal because you need a special permit and the company of a registered guide for such trips. But, for the free individual trekking (FIT) regions, you can visit as solo trekkers in Nepal. 

Next thing, hiking in the Himalayas with the light backpack is easier than carrying a heavy rucksack, right? You can leisurely visit the surrounding of the Himalayas more comfortably with the lightweight baggage when you find teahouses for food and accommodation. Besides these, when the local people permanently live in the rural areas, they always keep the trekking trails in perfect condition. Similarly, they work for the conservation of natural and cultural heritage sites of their locality.

Tourism in Nepal Reopens, Plan Trekking in Nepal

Planning tour or trekking in Nepal hereafter is the ultimate way to visit a more beautiful Nepal. The public transportation within a district has been already been resume since July 22 by implementing the necessary precautions. The Nepal Government  has decided to open the travel, trekking and mountaineering companies including hotels and restaurants from July 30. However, the best possible safety measures will be implementing to minimize the risks of the spread of the novel coronavirus. The international and domestic flights as well as inter-district roadway transportation services will also be reopen from July 30.

As soon as the local tour operators are back to their works, the travelers planning Nepal tour or trekking can make booking. All the tour and trekking destinations are safe with the added beauty of the environmental balance. The strong visibility will assist you to have the beautiful scenery of the Himalayas, green forests and lush valleys from all sections of the trekking trails. The trails in the beginning remain less crowded that even if you do Everest Base Camp trek or Annapurna Circuit trek feels like you were doing the offbeat trails like Manaslu Circuit trek or Upper Mustang trek or Dolpo trek. 

As the best time for trekking in Nepal is approaching closer, it is better to plan different packages of tour and adventurous tourism. Visiting Nepal in autumn is the best way to observe and participate in many of the cultural celebrations in the mountain region. Besides, you can also taste the local organic fruit while walking through the less crowded routes enjoying the enchanting Himalayan scenery. The rainy season in Nepal is going to end that when you come to Nepal after July, you will really find Nepal in the best of its natural beauties. 

Tourism in Nepal Reopens in Changing context

The Nepal Government had been probably to change certain rules to be follow by the international travelers in Nepal after the new normal. As per the changed rule, from August, travelers visiting Nepal must carry a health certificate proving Covid-19 free status. A mandatory 14-day quarantine period will likely remain in force. But, the authorities haven’t yet given details on whether they will only accept PCR tests or RDT tests.

However, the stakeholders of tourism agencies in Nepal are now lobbying the government to make the new rules as much comfortable as possible. They are suggesting the government to reduce the length of time needed in quarantine on the note that the travelers have a health certificate. Likewise, setting up a testing centre to swab incoming passengers at Kathmandu’s airport will be one of other viable alternatives. Let’s hope, the new rules will be tourist-friendly that they can complete all types of tourism activities in Nepal without much difficulty.

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