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Agricultural Rural Nepal Tour


Nepal is mountainous and agricultural country with the picturesque terraced farmlands nestled in the lap of Himalayas. Nepalese people still practice the traditional farming techniques which might be the matter of interest to the foreigners of the advanced countries. Nepal Trekking Routes & Expedition offers you this Agricultural Rural Nepal Tourunique designed package to give you light on the rural lifestyle of Nepal.

Agriculture Tour in Nepal

Agricultural Rural Nepal Tour package, you will be taken to remote rural villages of Nepal where you will be staying in their houses and doing the household chores. From dawn to dusk the activities carried out by the rural people of Nepal can be experienced in this package offered to you. If you are looking to get acclimatized with the unique lifestyle of Nepalese people, then this package is the best suited package. The activities that are incorporated in this package are collecting dung from farm, plow

The field, plantation of crops, cattle herding, local food preparation, collection of woods and grass, fishing, harvesting the crops etc. Apart from actually experience all these local chores of the Nepalese people the participation in their celebration like in festivals, cultural dances, food and drinks, traditional practices etc. would make your tour to rural Nepal the worthwhile. This can be used for the cultural exchange of the people of Nepal and foreigners. This would provide the ample time for the host people to know about the civilization of the much advanced countries and the rural Nepalese people.

Come and let’s travel together to Nepalese villages for the staged authenticity in learning the culture, traditions and rituals of Nepalese people. The delights of nature, mountains and hills are the bonus of this Agricultural Rural Nepal Tour Package as most of the villages of Nepal are situated in the beautiful landscape. Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition offers this package in competitive price and focus on CSR. 


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