Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost

Updated on June 23, 2024

Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost, Are you thinking about the Everest trekking and peak climbing in Nepal at once? Or do you just crave for capturing a mesmerizing view from a snowy mountain top? Or do you want to prepare for one of the 8,000ers climbing? If your answer to these all questions is YES, we recommend you Lobuche Peak climbing in the Everest Region.

Lobuche Peak Climbing is a lifetime experiencing for the daredevils who try out more challenging trekking peaks of Nepal. It is more challenging than Island Peak climbing, which is one of the most beautiful climbing peaks in the world.

Lobuche Nepal is located in the Everest Region just the other side of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Also called Lobuche Peak, it lies at the foot of the Khumbu Glacier, one of the world’s largest glaciers.

There are Lobuche East, a trekking peak, and Lobuche West Peak, an expedition peak respectively. As Lobuche West is quite technical, Lobuche East is frequently climbed. Lobuche Peak elevation is just 6,119m, while Lobuche West is 6,145m. Thus, climbers choose Lobuche East Peak (6,119) for a lifetime experience of peak climbing.

You need previous high passes trekking experience and detailed technical knowledge about peak climbing. Despite being challenging, the summit to Lobuche Peak rewards you with the mighty Himalayas of both the Everest Region and the Tibetan Plateau.

Lobuche Peak Climbing difficulty

Climbing Lobuche East is often a tailor-made trip with Everest Base Camp Trek. After relishing a lifelong memory of EBC Trek and splendid views from Kalapatthar, you come down to Lobuche Village. It’s here where you are trained by the experienced Sherpa team leader with all the required peak climbing tricks and techniques.

We recommend you to climb Lobuche Peak either in spring (March-May) or in autumn (Sep – Nov). These two seasons are peak climbing seasons that you come to meet with hundreds of other climbers preparing as well as climbing up and down Lobuche Peak.

Then, you want to know some key information about peak climbing in Nepal, right? And, the information about Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost is one of the first things that come to your mind, ain’t it?

In this blog, you will be reading about:

  • Why should I know about Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost?
  • Climbing gears cost
  • Visa cost
  • Permit cost
  • Guide and porter cost
  • Transportation cost
  • Accommodation cost
  • Food cost
  • Miscellaneous cost
  • Lobuche Peak Climbing With EBC Trek
  • Lobuche Peak Climbing Without EBC Trek

What should I know about Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost?

Climbing to Lobuche peak, you should know “What should I know about Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost?” The cost of a peak climbing in Nepal is one of the key info to know before/while deciding the mission.

The overall cost of peak climbing is determined by the cost of climbing gears, visa and peak climbing permit cost, guide and porter cost, transportation cost, accommodation and food cost, and miscellaneous cost as well. Let’s take a quick look into all of these factors of peak climbing cost one after another.

Peak Climbing Gears Cost

Peak climbing is truly a challenging task. So, it is like “well prepared is half done!” You need the best climbing gears for a successful ascent of Lobuche Peak.

For a safe and easy trekking experience, you should arrange the right kind of trekking gear. Besides, the equipment should be lightweight and easily portable even without a porter’s help.

Before purchasing Lobuche Peak Climbing Gears, we recommend consulting with us or your team leader. Don’t hurry up while arranging for the equipment. For more details, visit the equipment checklist.

Nepal Visit Visa Cost

The nationals from other countries than India require a specified visa for a Nepal visit. The eligible international tourists can get visas in two ways by fulfilling the necessary procedure. Either you should apply for the visa-on-arrival or prior to coming to Nepal.

The visa-on-arrival is issued from the Immigration Department Office at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). But if you travel by road, take the visas from the customs offices at Nepal’s borders with India and China.

For both types of visas, you should fill in the online form. Then, get the slip printed so that you can use it while owing to the visa fees. The visa fees can be paid in cash and wire transfer or bank transfer as well. Nevertheless, we recommend you keep some cash in hand to handle such expenses.

Peak Climbing Permit Cost

For a Nepal visit, you need a few permits by paying certain charges to the respective authorities. TIMS card, peak climbing permit, Local Area Permit, and Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit are mandatory permits.

Lobuche Peak Climbing Permit Cost

Peak climbing permit in Nepal is issued by the Nepal Mountaineering Association, Kathmandu. The cost of Lobuche Peak climbing is different in different seasons as stated by the NMA.


S.N. Season  Cost
1 Spring (March-May) USD 250
2 Summer (June-August) USD 70
3 Autumn (September –November) USD 125
4 Winter (December-February) USD 70


Other Permits and Costs

S.N Season  Cost 
1 Local Area Permit NPR 2000
2 Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit (SAARC Nationals) NPR 2000
3 Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit (Foreign Nationals) NPR 3000

Likewise, you need a TIMS Card for the Nepal visit. The TIMS Card cost is USD 10 for organized trekking but USD 20 for free individual trekkers (FIT).

Nonetheless, the charges of these permits are included in Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost. So, no need to pay an extra fee for this.

For more details, we recommend you to click Nepal visa info.

Peak Climbing Guide and Porter Cost

Lobuche Peak Climbing Itinerary starts after you are guided across the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu. A tourist guide takes you on Kathmandu City Tour.

While planning for peak climbing in Nepal, you need a time interval of around two weeks or even more. You need to carry your climbing gear and other equipment as well. It may not be possible for you to carry all your loads by yourself. Thus, you need a porter for the Lobuche Peak Climbing mission.

A porter carries around 20 kg of load at a certain charge per day. Food and accommodation facilities should be provided for them as well.

As Lobuche Peak Climbing is not that easy task, a professional climbing guide must be hired. The climbing guide should be paid a good sum of charges as he plays a vital role in making your peak climbing in Nepal a success.

When you buy the Lobuche Peak Climbing itinerary with us, it’s our responsibility to serve you with the best quality services. Needless to worry about the guide and porter cost that influences the overall Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost.

Transportation Cost

Transportation services are used to receive and see you off at the Kathmandu Airport. A private jeep is provided for pick up and drop services.

While on the Kathmandu City Tour, you will be using either public transportation or a private jeep, or a taxi. The public transportation cost is lower than the private vehicles.

A two-way ticket should be arranged for the Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu flight. A two-way Kathmandu Lukla ticket cost ranges from USD 260 to USD 700. The ticket fare differs from the peak season to the off-season of Everest Region Trekking.

Accommodation Cost During the Peak Climbing

The accommodation cost influences the cost of Lobuche Peak climbing. It is obvious that you have multiple accommodation choices in towns such as Pokhara, Chitwan, and Kathmandu. However, when you fly to Lukla from Kathmandu you don’t find as many options as in those cities.

The Everest Region Trekking is a complete teahouse trekking in Nepal. The region provides you luxury hotels, teahouses, and lodges with services of their standards. The accommodation cost depends upon the standard services you want to take during the trip.

Generally, a clean set of a blanket, a bedsheet, and a towel are provided even in a shared room. If you want to book a single room the cost may be a little higher.

Lobuche Peak Climbing Food Cost

Food cost is another influencing factor for climbing Lobuche Nepal. You can find a variety of international and local cuisines while trekking to the Everest Region. However, we recommend you not to eat whatever comes your way.

Climbing a peak requires a balanced diet and a good sum of rest to keep your stamina in perfect condition. Yes, international food items are high in calories, and easy to calculate the quantity your body needs. Nonetheless, as the saying goes “Dal Bhat power, 24 hours,” you had better have the local food items as they are longstanding.

You have choices in food items. Obviously, the food items determine Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost. The better food services, the higher the cost of Lobuche climbing!

Miscellaneous Cost for Lobuche Climbing

Your personal expenses other than the specified in Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost are the miscellaneous cost.

To climb Lobuje Peak, things like sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and other layers of clothing are necessary. Hiking in the high altitude requires a set of medical kits, climbing gears, etc.

A first-aid box equipped with medicines for allergies, bug sprays, AMS, minor injuries, etc. is a must. Don’t forget to keep it in your backpack as you may need it anytime while trekking to Lobuche Peak Summit.

Besides these, some hotels and lodges may take an extra amount for using the Internet, charging gadgets, and other useful electronic devices. As you’re in the Himalayan Region, don’t take a cold shower. We strongly recommend you take a hot shower, for which you may have to pay extra cost.

Hence, even the miscellaneous cost influences the overall cost of Lobuche Peak Climbing in Nepal.

Lobuche Climbing  Itinerary

Lobuche Peak Climbing With EBC Trek Itinerary 

Conclusion: Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost

To know about Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost, you need some key information associated with this trip. There are various items on which you have to pay for getting a lifelong experience of peak climbing in Nepal. Remember us for peak climbing, tour, and trekking in Nepal. We guarantee that if you move accordingly to the blog, you won’t regret a single penny you have invested!

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