Manaslu Trek Difficulty

Updated on June 22, 2024

Overview Of  Manaslu Trek Difficulty is the finest trek that covers the region of Gorkha and Lamjung. The trek is often considere to be perfect for having less crowd and amazing wonders it possesses in its himalaya. Mount Manaslu being the eighth highest mountain in the world, charms every voyager passing by.  Despite having such a beautiful presence, why does the place have very few trekkers? Difficulties and challenges that is what gives the thrill to trekkers at Manaslu Round Trek  with an amazing life lasting memory. 

How Difficult is Manaslu Circuit Trek

For an average trekker who has a prior experience in trekking fields, Manaslu Trek is consider to be challenging one. Manaslu Trek Difficulty is grade as a difficult one for the trekkers with experience. If you plan to do the first trek in the Manaslu route, then Manaslu Round Trek will cost you a lot of effort. Manaslu Trek is categorized as one of the long distance trekking that takes a few weeks to a month to complete. However, if you want to do the trek desperately and sit in the lap of himalayas admiring nature, then there are some facts about Manaslu Region you need to know while accessing the trekking route. The route was opened for foreigners only in the 1990's.

The roads and transportation were extremely difficult to reach Manalsu Region. So, before you go for the Manaslu Round Trek be prepared with some extra knowledge that can always come handy during your memorable journey in those off beaten paths.

Some facts of Manaslu Round Trek

Distance and Duration:

Categorized under the long  and challenging trek, Manaslu Round Trek roughly takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete the trek.  The whole circuit covers a walking distance of 175 km. As I already mention, Manaslu Round Trek is consider as Challenging trek. That is because you have to walk nearly 6 to 8 hours of ups and down in the trekking trail with backpacks. You can also find potters and backpack carriers paying some extra cash. The trial starts from the western region of Nepal, Gorkha. When you reach the trailhead by means of vehicles. You cannot move further unless you are on your foot. Starting from day 1 of the trek you have to walk roughly 6 to 8 hours depending upon your capabilities for straight 2 weeks. The distance and the durations is what makes the Manaslu Trek difficulty one.

Altitude and Weather

Mt. Manaslu being the eight highest mountain in the world has base camp at an altitude of 4,800 m height.  We will pass through the base camp and reach Manaslu Larke Pass which is an altitude of 5,100 m. Along with the trekking difficulties, the oxygen level also reduces from the atmosphere causing several trekkers altitude sickness. You must drink water often to be hydrate.

Due to the elevating  altitude there are uncertain and frequent changes in the weather.  If you trek in the winter season the temperature almost falls to -12 degrees. The snowy trails make the trek even more difficult. Sometimes the trail gets inaccessible which may result in a rest day or hike to another destination. Also, at the lower regions of the trek like Setikhola the temperature goes up to 8 degree Celsius. Larke Pass which is the highest point in our trek is mostly cover with snow. After you cross Samdo, the weather becomes terrible so a guide is compulsory if you go trekking onward.

Food and Accomodation:Manaslu Trek Difficulty

Before the 1990's there weren't any signs of development. So, trekking the Manaslu Circuit was almost impossible. However, as the time pass different tea houses, and home stays were start by the locals to provide services to the voyagers coming by.  During this time, the tea houses are equipped with basic facilities to provide services for the trekkers around the world. 

You will get typical Nepalese food like Rice and Lentils with proper nutrients and energy that will boost your trekking capabilities for the next day. Besides, peak season, you can easily find good rooms equipped with fine beds.

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