Pisang Peak Climbing Cost

Updated on June 24, 2024

Are you interested for peak climbing in Nepal? Do you want to climb a trekking peak in Nepal without previous experience? If yes, Pisang Peak Climbing is the right package for you!

Pisang Peak (6,091m) is one of the Nepal trekking peak of the Annapurna Region. It is one of the popular climbing nestled between the majestic mountains of the Annapurna Himalayan Range.

Besides peak climbing experience, you will enjoy the nature and culture of the Annapurna Region Trekking. Flora and fauna of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) and the mighty Himalayas of the Annapurna Massif are just incredible!

The culture and tradition of the various ethnic communities of the Manang Valley are highlights of this trip. Enjoy the typical Nepali food items including some fast food items at reasonable cost.

It is a technical trekking peak in Nepal that needs a good training for technical skills and knowledge to use climbing gears. Yes, some of the sections of Pisang Peak Climbing route are difficult. However, even if you are a beginner climber, you can successfully do this trip.

Booking with a trustworthy trekking company which provides you a professional climbing guide, perhaps, the Sherpa is the best way to accomplish this peak climbing expedition in Nepal. Before planning a trip, you might ask “What is Pisang Peak Climbing Cost?”

What are the factors of Pisang Peak Climbing Cost in Nepal?

The cost of a tour, trekking, or mountaineering package is influenced by various factors. Among these cost factors, some have direct impact as they are mandatory while others have indirect impact, so are avoidable.

Likewise, there are various cost factors of Pisang Peak Climbing in Nepal. This blog will discuss each Pisang Peak Climbing cost factor individually.

We hope this Pisang Peak Climbing cost blog will help you can choose the right season at right cost. Similarly, this article will help you reduce the cost of peak climbing in Nepal without any compromise in the rewards.

Before beginning your trekking in Nepal, you must have the mandatory permits issued by various authorities. For Pisang Peak Climbing also, you have to purchase some permits such as Pisang Peak climbing permit, TIMS Card, and the ACAP Entry Permit.

The cost of these permits influence the overall cost of Pisang Peak Climbing Cost. However, as Pisang Peak (6,091m) doesn’t lie in the restricted region trekking, you need not spend for a special permit.

Pisang Peak Climbing Permit Cost

You require a climbing permit to climb a 5,000m plus trekking peak in Nepal. Pisang Peak is 6,091m high, so you need a climbing permit issued by the Nepal Government. The Pisang Peak climbing permit cost differs according to the peak climbing seasons in Nepal.

The cost of Pisang Peak climbing permit is higher in peak seasons whereas lower in off seasons of trekking in Nepal. The spring (March-May) and the autumn (September-November) are the peak seasons while the winter (December-February) and the summer (June-August) are off-seasons of peak climbing in Nepal.

S.N. Season Permit cost per person
1 Spring (March-May) USD 250
2 Summer (June-August) USD 70
3 Autumn (September-November) USD 125
4 Winter (December-February) USD 70

The table shows that the spring is the best time for Pisang Peak Climbing. Hence, the climbing permit cost is the highest i.e. USD 250. In other seasons, Pisang Peak Climbing cost is comparatively lower.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) Entry Permit

Pisang Peak (6,091m) lies within the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP) in the Annapurna Region. Without ACAP Entry permit, you are not allowed to do Pisang Peak climbing. The ACAP entry permit cost is different for foreign tourists and the SAARC nationals though.

Tourist Information Management System (TIMS) Card

The Tourist Information Management System (TIMS) Card is a mandatory permit while on tour or trekking in Nepal. It is helpful to track you as a tourist in case something unexpected befalls on you. The cost of TIMS Card is different for an organized traveler and an individual traveler accordingly.

Pisang Peak Climbing Equipment cost

Psiang Peak (6,091m) is a technical trekking peak in Nepal. You not only require technical skills of peak climbing but need climbing equipment also.

You can always hire Pisang Peak climbing gears from the company provided you are running short of the budget. After you complete Pisang Peak expedition, you can return safely to the owner. Hiring peak climbing gears is the best way to reduce the cost of expedition.

Nonetheless, you need some personal trekking and peak climbing gears to ensure a successful expedition. Some personal stuff such as trekking boots, trekking poles, sleeping bag, backpack, and other accessories must be purchased. These personal trekking and climbing gears can be purchased within USD 500 – USD 700. Your team leader or the agency can help you find the best peak climbing products at reasonable cost around Thamel.

Transportation cost During the Pisang Peak Climbing

When you land at the TIA, our representative receives you there and transfers to the hotel. For this transportation service, you have to pay a small amount.

The transportation cost to reach and return from the trailhead is another cost factor of Pisang Peak Climbing cost. Pisang Peak (6,091m) is one of the trekking peaks of the Annapurna Region Trekking. To begin this peak climbing in Nepal, you can take a scenic flight to Pokhara or take a roadway transportation services to Besisahar or Manang along the Prithvi Highway.

To reach the trailhead, you can either travel in a public bus, tourist bus, or even hire a private vehicle. The cost of travelling by all these roadway transportation is different. Hiring a private vehicle cost is the highest among the three modes.

Booking a scenic flight ticket to Pokhara is optional. After the Pokhara City Tour, you travel by bus or private vehicle to Besisahar or Manang. We recommend you to choose roadway transportation services to reduce Pisang Peak Climbing cost.

Food and drinks cost

Pisang Peak climbing and Annapurna Circuit Trek share the same route until Pisang Village. Until here, you find all the food items you enjoy during Annapurna Trek. Enjoy the typical Nepali food – daal bhaat or some other fast food items as well. The cost of 3-course meals is only around USD 15 per day. We recommend you to have the Nepali daal bhaat as it is said “Daal bhaat power 24-hour!” It is the most reasonable meal as you can refill according to your appetite without extra charge.

Beverage items such as cold drinks and sodas cost more expensive here than in the cities of Nepal. For tea and coffee, you have to pay USD 0.5 – USD 2 as per the altitude you reach. Likewise, a bottle of water costs some USD 1 – 1.5.

Accommodation cost during the Pisang Peak Climbing

During Pisang Peak climbing expedition, you spend the nights at teahouses up to Pisang while going and from Manag while returning. Teahouses of the Annapurna Region are recognized for their quality services although basics they are.

You have to spend 3 nights compulsory and 1 or 2 night(s) more if required contingency day in the tented camps.

While in Kathmandu and Pokhara, you accommodate at hotels as per your choice or mentioned at the itinerary. But after you begin your Pisang Peak trekking away from the Lake City, you might not find the luxury of your kind. Sometimes, you might have to share a room with other trekkers as well.

In fact, the higher you trek, the higher you have to pay for accommodation cost. However, the accommodation cost of Pisang Peak Climbing ranges from USD 1 to USD 4.

Cost of guides and porters

Cost of guides and porters also play a vital role in determining Pisang Peak Climbing cost. Being a technical trekking peak in Nepal, you need a professional climbing guide. His help and guide across the most technical and challenging sections of Pisang Peak Climbing Route makes your expedition undoubtedly a success. So, how much should you pay for a Pisang Peak climbing guide? Well, a climbing guide in the Annapurna Region must be paid USD 22-25 per day.

Besides a guide, you also need one or more porter(s) for peak climbing in Nepal. They carry your load so that you can walk freely without much burden. Moreover, trekking above 2,500m means you might suffer from acute mountain sickness (AMS) as well. In such situations, trekking with your luggage seems almost impossible, if not very difficult. You can find a porter, who carries up to 15 kg load for about USD 15 per day.

Personal cost for Peak Climbing in Nepal

Besides must-pay cost, there are some other services that you take during Pisang Peak expedition as well. Hot shower, charging your gadgets, beverage products other than specified in the itinerary, souvenirs, etc. are completely your personal interest. However, your personal cost ranges on your choice and demand.

Pisang Peak Climbing Miscellaneous cost

Regardless Pisang Peak climbing cost factors, you have to pay some costs for miscellaneous services. Travel insurance, visa fees, and medical kits are classified under miscellaneous cost. Additionally, although not mandatory, you might give some tips or incentives to your guide and porters for their quality services. However, except travel insurance and visa charge, you can decide on how much you bear miscellaneous cost.

How to reduce Pisang Peak Climbing cost

Except the permit fees, travel insurance, and international flight tickets, cost of other responsible factors can be reduced. Reducing other cost factors means to reduce Pisang Peak Climbing cost. Here are a few tips to minimize the cost of Pisang Peak Climbing in Nepal:

  • Book the most reasonable flight tickets and Pisang Peak Climbing package.
  • Choose the season as per your comfort and Nepal trekking budget.
  • Use bus services in Nepal rather than using domestic flights.
  • Rent all peak climbing gears except the sleeping bag from the trekking company.
  • Bring a bottle and some water purifying pills or powders to avoid buying bottled water every now and then.
  • Bring some teabags or packets of coffee so that you can have it wherever and whenever you want.
  • Purchase a month-long Nepali visa because extending visa costs higher fees.
  • Plan Pisang Peak Climbing expedition in a group rather than an individual climber.

Conclusion: Pisang Peak Climbing Cost

We have mentioned all the responsible factors that determine Pisang Peak Climbing Cost. Besides, here is a list of ways that help you to reduce the cost of Pisang Peak climbing cost as well. Book the Pisang Peak Climbing alone or Annapurna Circuit Trek with Pisang Peak Climbing. We guarantee you won’t regret for paying Pisang Peak Climbing Cost, no matter, how high it might be. The lifelong experience of peak climbing in Nepal owes you every penny back!

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