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Introduction to Darjeeling


Darjeeling is a citiy belonging to the state of West Bengal, India. 


The city got its highest time thanks to the powerful British Empire which used the tows to grow tea plantations. Nowadays, Darjeeling is internationally known for its tea.



Belonging originally to the Kingdom of Sikkim, Darjeeling was annexed by Nepal after invasion of Sikkim by this country.

In 1817, Sikkim and British India signed a treaty that get back the city to its former owner.


In 1890, after annexation of Sikkim by British India, Darjeeling also became part of India.

In 1947, when India became independant, the town merged with the state of West Bengal.



The city settles in a hilly region, Darjeeling lays at 2050 meters.



The majority of the population has a Nepali background from the Gorkha ethnic group (Limbu, Rai, Newar, Lepcha, Sherpa). Other communities that inhabit Darjeeling and Kalimpong include the Bengali, Anglo-Indians, Chinese, Bihari and Tibetans.

The most commonly spoken languages are Nepali, Bengali and English.

Hinduism is the largest religion followed by Buddhism and Christianity.



The city of Darjeeling has a temperate climate. Monsoon prevails from late-June to early-September with an annual level of precipitation of 310 cm.


Temperatures (°C)












Special Permits

No special permit is required for either travelling or trekking inside Darjeeling area, except a valid Indian visa.




Day 01: Bhadrapur

Fly from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur - 50 minutes and transfer to the border. After formalities, we drive to Darjeeling (2040m) - 104 kms.

Day 02: Darjeeling

Sightseeing in Darjeeling and preparation for the trek.

Day 03: Darjeeling-Tonglu

Drive from Darjeeling to Manaybhanjang. Commence trek to Tonglu (3070m) - 5 hours.

Day 04: Tonglu - Garibas

Tonglu - Garibas (2620m) - 4 hours.

Day 05: Garibas - Sandakpu

Garibas - Sandakpu (3636m) - 5 hours.

Day 06: Sandakpu - Phalut

Sandakpu - Phalut (3600m) - 6 hours.

Day 07: Phalut - Raman

Phalut - Raman (2560m) - 5 hours.

Day 08: Raman - Rimbik

 Raman - Rimbik (2280m) - 4 hours.

Day 09: Rimbik-Pelling

 Drive from Rimbik to Pelling.

Day 10: Pelling-Yuksom

 Drive from Pelling to Yuksom - 35 kms.

Day 11: Yuksom - Tsokha

Yuksom - Tsokha (3030m) - 6 hours.

Day 12: Tshoka - Dzongri

Tshoka - Dzongri (4785m) - 5 hours.

Day 13: Dzongri

Acclimatization day in Dzongri.

Day 14: Dzongri - Thangsing

Dzongri - Thangsing (3930m) - 4 hours.

Day 15: Thangsing - Samity Lake

Thangsing - Samity Lake (4300m) - 3 hours.

Day 16: Goche-la Pass

Excursion day to Goche-la Pass (4940m) and back to Thangsing - 7 hours.

Day 17: Thangsing - Lam Pokhari

Thangsing - Lam Pokhari (4230m) - 5 hours.

Day 18: Lam Pokhari - Kasturi Odar

Lam Pokhari - Kasturi Odar (3500m) via Kasturi-la Pass (4500m) - 6 hours.

Day 19: Kasturi Odar - Labdang

Kasturi Odar - Labdang (2000m) - 6 hours.

Day 20: Labdang - Tashiding

 Labdang - Tashiding (1740m) - 5 hours.

Day 21: Tashiding-Gangtok

Drive from Tashiding to Gangtok (1437m) - 145 kms.

Day 22: Gangtok

 Sightseeing in Gangtok

Day 23: Gangtok-Bhadrapur

Drive from Gangtok to Bhadrapur - 184 kms.

Day 24: Bhadrapur-Kathmandu

Fly from Bhadrapur to Kathmandu - 50 minutes.

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