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Gyantse is 3950 metres above sea level. It is located 254 kms southwest of Lhasa.
Gyantse is often referred to as the "Hero City" because during the British Younghusband expedition of 1904, the brave Tibetan forces kept the British at bay for about two months in spite of having only primiteve weapons.
The town is strategically located in the Nyang River Valley on the ancient trade route between China and India. This is the main reason why people built a town there.




Gyantse is known because of its fortress, the Dzong, built on a hill. The Dzong (constructed in 1390) guarded the southern approaches to the Tsangpo Valley and Lhasa. At that time, the town was surrounded by a wall of 3 kms long.

Palkhor Chode

At the foot of the Dzong Hill, lies Palkhor Chode, a Tibetan Buddhism monastery built in 1418. The most remarkable feature of this monastery is that it is the only monastery that houses monks from different orders. The monks from the Gelugpa, Sakyapa and Kahdampa orders stay in this monastery with noticeable harmony. The roof of the monastery also holds chapels which preserve a collection of 15 "mandala" murals whiche are three meters in diameter.

Kumbum Stupa

In the Palkhor Chode is the Kumbum Stupa, one of the most distinctive temples in the world. It is an unusual architectural masterpiece with its nine levels rise in the manner of a step pyramid, 35 meters high. Inside you can find a thousand of statues.


Day 01: Paro

Arrive in Paro. Drive to Thimphu (2330m) and transfer to hotel.

Day 02: Thimphu.

Sightseeing in Thimphu.

Day 03: Bumthang

Drive to Bumthang (2600m).

Day 04: Bumthang

Sightseeing in Bumthang. 

Day 05: Bumthang - Gorsum

 Bumthang - Gorsum (3120m) - 7 hours.

Day 06: Gorsum - Lungsum

Gorsum - Lungsum (3160m) - 5 hours

Day 07: Lungsum - Tsochenchen

 Lungsum - Tsochenchen (3780m) - 6 hours

Day 08: Tsochenchen - Duer Tsachu

 Tsochenchen - Duer Tsachu (3590m) - 8 hours.

Day 09: Duer Tsachu

Rest day in Duer Tsachu and relax in the hot springs.

Day 10: Duer Tsachu - Tsochenchen

Duer Tsachu - Tsochenchen - 8 hours.

Day 11: Tsochenchen - Lungsum

Tsochenchen - Lungsum - 5 hours.

Day 12: Lungsum - Gorsum

Lungsum - Gorsum - 4 hours.

Day 13: Gorsum - Bumthang

Gorsum - Bumthang.

Day 14: Thimphu

Drive to Thimphu.

Day 15: Paro

Drive to Paro (2230m) and sightseeing in Paro.

Day 16: Departure

Final departure.

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