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Honeymoon Tour


Honeymoon tour is the best phase life when you celebrate the initiation of the heavenly bond between two souls. The period of Honeymoon is also best described as the time to understand and be close with the soul partner. Nepal offers plethora of places where you can indulge with your partner in the adventurous way or cultural way. These activities will contribute towards solidifying the bond between partners.

Luxury Tour in Nepal Honeymoon Tour

Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition offers the Honeymoon tour package to enhance the affection and love between your spouses. For the increment in love and passion you require the enthralling romantic places as depicted in various movies and drama like Lakes, Hills, Forests, Rivers, Waterfalls, green pastured land, mountains, temples, pagodas and other architectural palaces. Nepal possesses this entire natural and cultural site where you can enjoy with your partner conducting various activities. Imagine the evening when you are holding hand with your partner and observing the unique cultural dances in folk tunes eating the different delicacies. Imagine the time when you stay in the bank of lake overlooking the setting sun from the casement of mountains. Imagine the cup of coffee drinking with the spouse in your hotel room balcony overlooking the mountains and hills. All these activities including the visit of world-famous religious sites like Lumbini (Birthplace of Lord Buddha), Pashupatinath (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE), sunrise viewpoints and many other places would be the reason of strengthening the bond together. If you want to take your spouse to the luxury ride then Helicopter tour can be another thrilling activity to do in Nepal. Trekking could also be another daunting way of bonding together.

Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition would do wonderful in order to make your start of new phase in life memorable one. Travel hassle free with your partner in this Himalayan multicultural country as part of Honeymoon tour.  

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