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How much does trekking in Nepal cost?

Rajan Jung Adhikari

How much does trekking in Nepal cost?

  • 2 years ago

How much does trekking in Nepal cost? Nepal is recognized for some of the best treks in the world. The geographical position of the county has been a boon for various short and long treks. You can do hiking trips around the major cities such as Kathmandu and Pokhara. Hiking in Nepal refers to the activity of trekking for a day and returning to the same place you begin the trip from.

Trekking in Nepal means the activity of walking along the rugged trails for two or more days based on the local destinations. Nepal Trekking is easier than mountaineering but more challenging than hiking around Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Before knowing “How much does trekking in Nepal cost?” let’s take a look into types of trekking based on cost. From the cost point of view, trekking in Nepal is divided into three categories as below.

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Teahouse trekking in Nepal

Teahouse trekking in Nepal is a journey to the Himalayas and hills in which you spend nights at teahouses or lodges. Teahouses of local destinations provide you a better than basic services of food and accommodation.

You can also expect Wi-Fi, hot shower, charging facilities of electronic appliances, breakfast, and meals in such teahouses. Nepal trekking can also find beverage items that might differ from one destination to others. You can not only find bottled beverages but also local brandy if you love tasting typical liquor items.

Teahouse trekking in Nepal is popular for typical Nepali food items that differ from one region and ethnic community to others. Generally, daal-bhat-tarkari-achar (lentil soup, steamed rice, curry, and pickle) is found any trekking destinations of Nepal. Another is gundruk-dhido (fermented vegetables and a thick porridge made of cornmeal or flour o millet, buckwheat, and wheat).

Both the typical cuisines of Nepal give you long-lasting energy that helps you traverse up and down the trekking trails. While trekking in Nepal, you often hear a saying “Daal-bhaat power, 24 hours.” You might love the Nepali cuisines as your own dishes; however, we recommend you to taste them for a lifetime experience in Nepal.

Camping trekking in Nepal

Camping trekking in Nepal refers to the journey towards the Himalayas in which you spend all or few nights at tented camps in the wilderness. In such trip, you have to eat the food stuffs carried by your crew members. It means you have to compromise on the luxury services you expect during the trip to the Himalayas and hills.

Camping trekking in Nepal costs higher than teahouse trekking because you have to pay for the crew members, too. A camping trekking crew consists of a team leader, cook, waiter, and porters besides trekking guide.

This kind of trip is best recommended for those who love spending time only with their crew. There is no disturbance of fellow trekkers and other customers who visit teahouses. Moreover, the crew members entertain you with their cultural songs, dances, and dramas perhaps!

The tented camps are made in a safe ground from wild animals and natural calamities. You can hear the sounds of animals and birds in tranquil night as well. For camping trekking in Nepal, it is better to have many members in your group for safety and fun, too.

Service trekking in Nepal

Service trekking in Nepal is another category of the trekking types. In this trek, the agency arranges route navigation, accommodation, guide, and porters only. You will be responsible for permits, food, and other arrangements throughout the trip.

Service only trek gives you a better experience than doing this as a solo trekker in Nepal. However, you get a fantastic experience of trekking in the Himalayas with cheerful guide and porters.

What is budget trekking in Nepal?

Budget trekking in Nepal provides all compulsory services at comparatively low cost. It is recommend for low budget trekkers in Nepal. It is suitable for trekking in Himalayas by spending low budget.

In budget trekking packages, the agency arranges porter, guide, permits, accommodation, and transportation services. As you yourself are responsible for food arrangement, you have a great choice of food items. Thus, it saves your budget during the trek without compromising on other services while enjoying nature, culture, and adventure.

How much does trekking in Nepal cost?

To know the cost of trekking in Nepal, you need to know the price of all the goods and services you require to make your trip a lifetime achievement. The cost of these goods and services might differ from one trekking destination in Nepal to others. Nevertheless, the following are the factors to determine “How much does trekking in Nepal cost?”

  • Transportation cost
  • Trekking permit cost
  • Guide and porter cost
  • Accommodation cost
  • Food and drink cost
  • Miscellaneous cost

Transportation cost for Trekking in Nepal 

To reach to the trailhead of trekking destinations of Nepal, you need to take different transportation modes. In fact, transportation cost influences your trekking in Nepal cost.

You can choose from public buses, tourist buses, private vehicles, and domestic flights respectively. But, paying for the domestic tickets is the only alternative to some of the treks such as Everest Base Camp Trek from Lukla, Upper Dolpo Trek, and Lower Dolpo Trek.

Using public buses is the best idea to reduce the trekking cost. But, travelling by public buses takes longer time than flying by air or booking private jeeps. If you don’t reach the trailhead on time, the trekking itinerary you have purchased might not be possible.

Likewise, it is not good to shorten the trekking itinerary without reaching the major destinations. Thus, we recommend you to consult with the local tour operator in Kathmandu or Pokhara to use the right transportation means. The agency suggests you to use the mode of transportation that helps you reduce the price of trekking in Nepal.

Nepal Trekking permit cost

Trekking permit price also plays a vital role in defining trekking in Nepal cost. Nevertheless, you cannot avoid purchasing trekking permits either.

Based on the trekking permit, trekking in Nepal is divided into two groups: free individual trekking and restricted area trekking. For free individual trekking destinations, you need only TIMS Card, Local Area Permit, and conservation area entry permit.

But for restricted area trekking in Nepal, you need to purchase a special permit by paying certain cost. The special permit, also known as restricted area permit costs more expensive than the other permits.

The restricted area permit in Nepal is issued by either Nepal Tourism Board Offices in Kathmandu and Pokhara or by the Immigration Department Office at the TIA. You have to pay the specified cost by submitting the required documents to get such permits.

To get detailed about restricted area permits and fees, please, click the link.

Guide and porter cost

To know how much trekking in Nepal cost, you need to the number of guide and porters you require for the trip. The cost of guide and porter differs from one trekking destination to the others.

Besides this, the duration and difficulty level of trekking also determines how many porters or guide cum porter you need. It is obvious that you need to pay more to more guide and porters and vice versa.

If you book a trip with a trekking agency in Kathmandu or Pokhara, they will suggest you the right size of guide and porters. And you can estimate the guide and porter cost as well.

Accommodation cost

One of the influencing factors of trekking in Nepal cost is accommodation cost. Moreover, what type of accommodation services you expect during the trip affects the cost.

Whether you are doing teahouse trekking, camping trekking, service trek, or budget trekking also matters a lot. For luxury services of accommodation cost definitely more than using basic services.

Additionally, the trekking region you choose also affects the cost of accommodation facilities.

Nonetheless, you must be assure with a universal fact that “You cannot find all luxury services of the cities while trekking in the Himalayas.”

Better the accommodation services during the trip, the higher the trekking in Nepal cost!

Food and drink cost while you are in Nepal Trekking

Collect information about food and drink cost to estimate the price of trekking in Nepal. Not all the food and drink items found in the cities are find in the Himalayan towns and villages for sure.

Even if they are, their cost is higher as the transportation charge is higher for their supplies. Thus, the cost of food and drink items in the higher altitude towns and villages is more expensive than in the lower altitude places.

Similarly, the price of food and drink varies from one trekking destination to the others as well. Whether you are trekking in peak season or off season also plays some roles in the price of these stuffs.

It depends upon your choice and budget to increase or decrease the cost for Nepal Trekking. We recommend you to consume typical Nepali food and drink items to reduce the cost.

Miscellaneous Cost for Nepal Trekking

The last factor to estimate how much trekking in Nepal cost is miscellaneous cost. This cost includes the expenses you pay for additional services and some gratuity. Some of the miscellaneous costs are unavoidable while some can be avoided.

You need to pay for charging your gadgets and electronic appliances, hot shower with a bucketful of heated water, and WIFI services. Some teahouses provide such services free of cost also.

If you are happy with your guide and porters for their quality services, you might like to give some tips and incentives. In addition, local museums and shrines you visit might have donation boxes and you might like donating some amount as well. Nevertheless, incentives and donations are not mandatory but just up to you!

How to reduce trekking in Nepal cost?

We are pretty sure that you get a wonderful experience of trekking in Nepal that is worth every penny you spend on it. Most importantly, the joy of nature and culture combined with some level of adventure is what you want during a trip, right?

However, we recommend you “How to reduce trekking in Nepal cost?” as well. Do the following for this:

  • Trek with friends in an organized trekking trip.
  • If alone, join other fellow trekkers.
  • Avoid domestic flights a far as possible; take public or private buses instead.
  • Study the cost of food and accommodation services towards the trekking region you are about to go.
  • Focus on basic services of teahouses or lodges during the trip.
  • Consult with a local tour operator in Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Conclusion: How much does trekking in Nepal cost?

“How much does trekking in Nepal cost?” depends upon your choice, duration, and the trekking type you book. Similarly, the transportation modes, food-drink items, and accommodation services you expect also affect the overall trip cost.

Thus, we recommend you to collect all the responsible factors with their cost that influences the price of trekking in Nepal. Or else, consult with a local tour operator in Kathmandu or Pokhara for reasonable cost. You can also book a budget trekking in Nepal package or service only trek s well.