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Langtang Region Trekking


Nowhere in the world that you will get the attractions like holy lake up in the mountains with waterfalls and rivers originated from Himalayas amidst multiethnic community settlement. It is in Nepal especially in Langtang Region Trekking that you will find all these attractions while doing trekking in Nepal. This is the nearest trekking destination from the capital city Kathmandu and also provides the chance to witness the unique Tibetan, Sherpa and Tamang Culture of Nepal. Nepal Trekking Routes Treks family is extremely pleased to offer various packages in this region for the trekking.

Langtang region trekking is characterized by the dense forests, tamang & Sherpa culture as well as for the unlimited rivers, waterfalls, endangered species of animals, birds, flora and fauna, mountains, hills, rocky terrains and Himalayan lakes with the aesthetic values. It should be noted in the mind of the travelers that in a single trek to Nepal in Langtang region you would be overwhelmed by all the facets of the touristic activities that you find around the world. Behold and prepare your journey to the Langtang with Nepal Trekking Routes family by choosing our expertly designed trekking itineraries for Langtang Valley Trekking, Ganjala Pass Trekking, Langtang Gosainkunda Trekking, Tamang Heritage Trail, Helambu Trekking and Langtang Cultural Exchange as well as volunteering programs. These diversified packages would ensure your captivating holiday in Nepal. Once you have trekked to this region we are sure that you would comply with the slogan that Nepal promotes as “Naturally Nepal once is not enough. The places like Gosainkunda, Ganjala Pass, Langtang National Park, Tarkeyghyang, Melamchighyang and Helambu would ensure that every penny spent for the trekking in Nepal would worth every bit of it. Witness this prolific region of Nepal with the experienced team of Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition.

Come and join us for the trip to langtang region trekking in your lifetime. We are sure that once you have chosen this region for the trekking then you would be able create mesmerizing memory tale which you could share for generations to come. We are always there for you to help get cherished and realize the wilderness adventure dream.

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