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Nepal Trekking Routes would like to advise all our valued travelers to consider and research on the authentic legal travel agency before booking for your adventure trekking in Nepal. The guided trek organized by the authentic travel agency reduces the hassles and complications while trekking. We strongly suggest you to ask for the government licensed number which authenticates the legality of the Travel agency. It is necessary to have the agency you are dealing with is reliable and trekking staffs or guides have got a registered license and the insurance coverage. Beware of the fake and unregistered travel agency.  Booking your trips with such companies may bring complications during your holiday in Nepal.

Following are the requirements of the authentic travel agency recognized by the government: Certificate for company registration office of Nepal

  • Certificate from the ministry of tourism and civil aviation of Nepal
  • Certificate from the central bank of Nepal
  • Certificate from trekking agencies association of Nepal(TAAN)
  • Certificate from the authentic insurance company for trekking crews

Dear valued Clients, do not ruin your vacation in Nepal by booking via unauthorized travel company of Nepal. Book your trekking in Nepal through authorized travel agency and enjoy this majestic Himalayan nation’s nature and culture without unnecessary hassles.

Nepal Trekking Routes Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd (Govt. Regd. No.  is authentic and legal travel organizing company. The team of Nepal Trekking Routes comprises highly qualified and certified trekking guides, porters and leaders would help you realize the wilderness holiday dream of yours. Come witness the Mother Nature, Architectural masterpiece, Culture and Tradition of Nepal with us.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend a complete travel insurance package deal to all our customers. The insurance should cover all the medical fee, personal accident, emergency evacuation (helicopter rescue), and tour cancellation, loss of equipment and natural calamity, theft of or damage to baggage and private results etc.

Altitude Sickness

The Mountain Altitude sickness - to know about the safety measures to avoid AMS and to understand the basic medical treatments once AMS hits you are the most important things for you before trek in Nepal. The Acute Mountain Sickness is an illness caused due to gain in elevation. Compared to sea level the amount of oxygen in higher altitude is less and the oxygen level goes thinner as trekkers continue to gain higher altitude. Here we have listed the details of AMS please have a look.


The symptoms of AMS are can be several. They vary from person to person. However, general symptoms of AMS are as follows. If you are seen with, any of these symptoms do not delay identifying the illness and go for the quick treatment ASAP.

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting 
  • (heart rate) Rapid pulse
  • with exertion Shortness of breath

Severe cases of AMS may lead you to HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) or HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema). HAPE hits your respiratory system whereas HACE hits your Nervous System.

Symptoms that may occur with more severe acute mountain sickness include:

  • Blue color to the skin (cyanosis)
  • Chest tightness or congestion
  • Contusion
  • Cough
  • Coughing up blood
  • Withdrawal from social interaction
  • Gray or pale complexion
  • Cannot walk in a straight line, or walk at all
  • Shortness of breath at rest.

    Booking Procedure

  • Nepal Trekking Routes Treks and Expedition is an authorized government registered Travel agency in Nepal. Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition knows the value of our guests' investment in travelling. We always strive to give back worth of every penny spent by our guests with impeccable high quality service and hospitality. Your pleasure and happiness is our goal.

  • Please read our Terms and conditions carefully (before) than booking your Trip with us!

    Booking conditions:

  • For Trekking in Nepal you need to provide us a photocopy of your passport and 25% of trek cost as the deposit to guarantee booking your journey with us. The deposit amount is non-refundable. The due amount could be paid when your arrival in Kathmandu earlier than you set out for your trek. We reserve our right to cancel your experience in case you could not make your price inside our stipulated time.

  • Payment mode:

     For payment our following Bank details:

     Paying To: Nepal Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd.

     A/C No:010100062457524

    Name of Bank:Bank Of Kathmandu Ltd

    Bank Street Address: (Saurya sadan 9044 Kathmandu, Region Asia, Bank Code BOKL, Countruy Code NPThamel Kathmandu Nepal

    Type of A/C: Foreign currency (USD)


    (Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of the client)

    Risk and Liabilities             

    All the Nepal Tours are performed under the strict rules and regulations of the tourism board of the Nepal. We aren't accountable for any change or cancellation of the trip under unavoidable situations like alternate in rules and regulations of the country, government regulations, herbal screw ups, political instability, cancellation of flight, delay, illness or accident, a breakdown of a vehicle, and so on. Any more fees incurred due to such occasions shall be borne by the customer themselves. Consequently, journey insurance is exceptionally encouraged.

    Trip Cancellation

    If you want to cancel your tour for any reason, you have to write down it to us 15 days before your journey departure date. We shall approve it as canceled most effective after receiving a valid written be the notice from the customer. If the purpose to your cancellation is true like injury or serious illness, you may postpone your tour or switch your booking to another person who meets all the requirements for the journey. But, a charge of USD 200 per person might be charged if you postpone or switch your trip inside 15 days prior to your journey date. Please note that the deposited money is nonrefundable, consequently, you may utilize the money to book a tour with Nepal Trekking Routes Treks and Expedition next time.

    Booking in Last minute

    Last minute booking option is also available which includes booking prior to 5 days of the trip date. The 100% cost of the tour should be deposited at the time of booking to guarantee the reservation. 

    If Tour Incomplete,

    We are not obligated to refund in case of Tour In completion from your side. 

    Force Majuro

    If your journeys get cancelled because of any unexpected instances like disasters, conflict or unfavorable climatic situations, we can arrange any other trip for you. So, your money is safe and secured which will be used for next visit or Nepal Trekking Routes Treks will arrange the package accordingly analyzing the favorable situations.

    Budget changing

    The change in the Tour Package Price is imminent in case of drastic change in the foreign currency exchange rates and government rules. 

    Travel Insurance

    We strongly recommend a complete travel insurance package deal to all our customers. The insurance should cover all the medical fee, personal accident, emergency evacuation (helicopter rescue), and tour cancellation, loss of equipment and natural calamity, theft of or damage to baggage and private results etc.

    Flight Delay/Cancellation

    The mere reason for the delays and the cancellation of the flight is mainly due to the climatic variability and hard terrain. The unusual blinding fog, heavy rainfall and strong winds could also result in flight delays or sometimes cancellation. The major timings for the chances of flight delay and cancellation occurrences are in winter and rainy season. Another major reason is the technical difficulty because of the lack of instrumental landing system in Tribhuvan International Airport; the domestic flights are often delayed or cancelled. January to the end of February is the bad time for the domestic flights in Nepal.

    Personal Valuables & Belongings

    We aren't liable for any damage or loss of your backpack or belongings. All your valuables are on your own risk however we can arrange for the safe deposit boxes in hotel of Kathmandu. It is highly recommended that you shouldn't carry expensive items during the trip.

    Important Note

    All our terms and conditions are applicable if you book directly with the reservations and sales department of Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. If you book your trip with us from any sellers or third party, you will be accountable to their terms and conditions.

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