Responsible Tourism Policy

Within the boundary of our tourism sector, each and every character has got a typical liability that is responsible tourism which is very much crucial. Our guiding principle or our motto is to systematize trips that departs minute carbon traces as probable since our business and our source of revenues depends upon the persistent existence of the natural environment.

Making responsible tourism idealism with each trip every staff such as guides and porters are made conscious of their responsibilities. To conserve our environment, our guides will briefly discuss on the preservation of our environment as it the branch of our responsible tourism efforts just before our tour starts. This course of action has become an integral responsibility of our constant efforts. Programs that are frequently prearranged such as cleaning up campaigns to uphold awareness as well as maintaining clean and strong living atmosphere are organized by us. Additional ways are being performed to carry out responsible tourism due to our keenness towards the environment. Everyone on a trip with Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expeditions is kindly requested to follow our Responsible Tourism Guidelines.

We always strive to minimize any bad impacts the tourism industry can bring about. Some of our responsibilities with various headings are listed below.

1. Economic responsibilities:

Main motto:

Local are the direct beneficiaries.

We hire local porters, local products are emphasized and whatever stuffs needed, if available, are purchased from the local market.

When visitors purchase products from the local communities, their small or big amount goes a long way in helping to support the families to change their living standard.

We constantly plead various projects, either NGOs (Non-government organizations) or community based organizations to work for the benefit of the local inhabitants.

A small step taken by us can be handy to inspire the spirit of local people. We always look forward to collaborating with the local communities to work for mutual benefits.

2. Environmental responsibilities:

Keeping in mind the dire consequences’ tourism industry can bring about on the local environment, we follow following remedial measures.

We are committed to keep the environment in the particular destination free from toxic and harmful substances.

Appropriate measures are taken so that the local flora and fauna remain undisturbed.

All the by-products are dumped in proper places, plastic bags are reduced and eco-friendly materials are used.

Vegetation are not destructed. Rather new trees are planted to save the environment from increasing pollution all around.

The earth is common home for all of us. If u don’t care it, it won’t be there for us to use. This message is ours for all the people involved.

3. Social responsibilities:

In delivering our social responsibilities, our foremost efforts are to help the local communities protect the biodiversity and cultural values, promote and support indigenous knowledge which support the environment.

We support useful traditions and launch campaign against bad traditional practices, superstitions thus helping the youngsters actively involved in national development.

We help the visitors come close to local customs, festivals and traditions which entertains them having experienced something new on one hand while on the other hand it preserves the local identity.

Likewise, we provide the visitors, staffs and suppliers with our traveller’s code of conduct which makes them easier to interact with the local community.