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Time in Nepal

Nepal Standard Time

Nepal officially recognizes and follows Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), also called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) based in London as standard measurement of time. The smallest measuring unit of time is second. Nepal started using Nepal Standard Time since 1956.

Based  on UTC, Nepal is categorized under NPT (Nepal Time) zone, which is 5 hrs 45 minutes ahead of GMT time. It is the same all over Nepal. it is one of only three time zones with a 45-minute offset from UTC. Nepali Time is 15 minutes behind New Delhi and 15 minutes ahead of Beijing time.

NPT is an approximation of Kathmandu mean time, which is 5:41:16 ahead of UTC. Nepal Standard Time  is measured with the meridian at Mt Gauri Shankar, 100km east of Kathmandu.

Nepal has never observed Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Public clock tower such as Ghanta Ghar, the oldest clock tower in Nepal located in Kathmandu, used to offer the official time to the public before watches became cheap and easily available. In earlier times Nepalese used to tell the time upon the movement of the Sun and Moon.