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Trekking Equipment

Nepal is country of Mountains and Natural beauty  cultural diversity and unity with diversity .We Nepali people are living with harmony in multi cultire, multi religious, multi ethinic communties  . So Nepal has manly three Geographical distribution this is called mountain hill   and terai   by the administration it was  dived 5 development region 14  Zone 75 District .Every geographical location  visiter can  visit  they need to adjust in there environment  so in here we would like to share our knowledge with you people who have concern  about equipment  for trekking for  the high mountain and low mountain area in Nepal  . So this all are required equipment for Trekking in Nepal

1. Luggage : duffel bag ,Daypack , 

2.Trekking shoes for  day 

3. cotton t-shirt

4. sun hat 

5. purify water

6. swimming suit 

7. sunglass  , toilet paper 

8. small hand lamp  ,flashlight 

9. suncream , rain jecket

10. any type of bag cover

11. personal mediacal supplies

12. water proof pant ,  trouser 

13. first aid kit  

14. small towel 

15. warm down fiber jecket 

16. water bottle 

17. sleeping bag -20 c with inner sheet

 18. thermal underwear woolen tshir,t thick sweater

19. pair of gloves

20. snow gaiters

21. sandals 

22. camera and film 

23. trekking pool




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