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Bhaktapur Changunarayan Tour



Bhaktapur Changunarayan tour rewards you with the two of the UNESCO WorldHeritage Sites located in the Kathmandu Valley. A day tour around Bhaktapur DurbarSquare and Changunarayn Temple is one among many popular excursions of Nepal. Itgives you a golden opportunity to observe the ancient art and architecture used to build thereligious sites and the palaces. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the oldest and largest royal palacof Nepal and Changunaryan Temple is the oldest temple of Nepal. Moreover, Bhaktapuritself is the smallest district of Nepal occupying just 119 square kilometres.Bhaktapur is known as a Newari town as well as a historical town because the history ofmodern Nepal is directly connected with this. The entire Kathmandu Valley used to be asingle kingdom and ruled over by a single king. After the death of King Yaksha Malla end ofthe 15 th century, his son divided the valley into three separate states: Bhaktapur, Lalitpur andKantipur. All the kings built new palaces in their states by spending a large amount of moneyto show their palace most beautiful. Bhaktapur Durbar Squareis located around fifteenkilometres east from the centre of Kathmandu.The people of Bhaktapur (also called “Badh Gaun”) are more traditional than the people ofKathmandu and Lalitpur. The Bhaktapurians have protected their art and architecture since the time immemorail that it can be seen in their cultural and historical heritage sites. As soonas one hear the name of Bhaktapur, ‘Juju Dhau’ (a typical yogurt) comes to their mind.Similarly, it is popular for green vegetables production, ceramics, traditional garments andpaintings. The people of Bhaktapur celebrate the traditional feasts and festivals more thanthe days of a year.Besides the artistic ancient royal palace, there are many landmarks to make your Bhaktapurday tour more meaningful. You can visit many artistic temples and buildings of historicalimportance during your stay here. The major attractions of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square are55-Window Palace, Golden Gate, Line Gate, Pashupati Erotic Temple, Siddhi LaxmiTemple, Nyatapol Temple, Bhairav Temple, Bishnu Temple and the Pottery Square. Whilevisiting these historical and religious heritage sites, you can get the deep insights about theancient rich art and architecture of Badh Gaun.
Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Changunarayan Temple is located sevenkilometres north from Bhaktpaur Durbar Square. Situated on a small hilltop, it is the oldestBishnu Temple of Nepal. It was built in the 5 th century during the rule of the Lichchhavi KingMandev, who also built Bouddhanath Stupa. The inscriptions found in the temple premisesare the most reliable evidence for the history of Lichchhavi Dynasty and the socio-culturaldevelopment at that time. From Bhaktapur, you can take a private jeep or taxi or go on foot aswell to the hilltop temple.Changunarayan Temple is also known as the Open Museum because of the presence of theancient artistic works found here. You can find a lot of stone and wood carvings showing theMahabharat War and other metaphysical signs and symbols of the contemporary society.Nearby the temple, you can find a museum that reflects the culture, tradition, costumes, ritesand rituals of the Newari ethnic community. From the top of the hillock, you can have awonderful scenery of the cultivated land and cities full of concrete houses. Besides, you canalso see the dense forests of Shivapuri National Park and the Himalayan view of Langtangregion, Manaslu region, Ganesh Himal and Mt. Gaurishankar in fine days.


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