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Volunteer Tour


Nepal recently got stroked by the devastating earthquake in April 2015 claiming lives of over ten thousand people and destroying the billions of rupees worth property. Many people lost their home and livelihood. The people of Nepal are seeking for the proper help which as a responsible citizen of the more advanced and secure countries it is your responsibility to provide relief of any kinds to bring smile on the faces of these victims. Moreover, this remote mountainous country still lacking in providing the adequate food, education and health facilities to its citizens. So we ware designed Volunteer tours package for their help.

Nepal Volunteer Tour Package 

Nepal Trekking Routes Treks & Expedition always believes that whatever amount of money that is earned while working as the Tourism entrepreneur some factions of the money should be given to those needed. Therefore, we have designed Volunteer tours for those who are willing to work hand in hand with us to bring the smile back in the face of innocents who are genuinely deprived of it. We will take you to whichever place in Nepal that you are intended to work on within Nepal in the best logistical and genuine way. You can work in building the houses, schools or any community buildings. You can also sponsor any children of the remote land. There is possibility for the preaching of the knowledgeable things to the children of the remote Nepal which we can work as the mediator for your social cause. There is no worth of the billions which we can take with us once our soul leaves the body. Therefore, as being the global citizen it’s your duty to give back something to the society for the good cause.

Nepal Trekking Routes Treks is doing Volunteer tours as the social works and fulfilling the corporate social responsibility on its own. You can identify the region then we are more than willing to take you there in the most competitive and transparent price that you get throughout trekking and travel organizing agencies in Nepal.  

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