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Weather in Nepal

The weather in Nepal is neither too hot nor too cold. In fact it has the best weather in the whole of South Asia. Thanks to its lush subtropical forest in its southern belt , green hills and snow capped Himalayas in the north. It enjoys both the chills of snowcapped peaks and breeze swept hills and suns in the plains.

Nepal has four seasons: Spring (Mar-May), Summer (June-August), Autumn (Sep-Nov) and Winter (Dec-Feb). The temperature usually ranges from 10-25 degree Celsius in Spring and Winter while it goes up to 35 degrees in the plains in Summer. The higher the altitude the colder the weather and plains are comparatively hotter than hills and Himalayas.

Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to travel to Nepal when the weather is balmy and soft with sunny blue skies. It is also a time when forests are covered green and flowers bloom forth profusely all over the hills. It is comparatively cold in morning and evening than day. Many of Nepal's biggest festivals take place during this season.

Winter that extends from Nov till February, the Himalayan region receives plenty of snowfall. Trekking is not possible during this season especially in altitude higher than 4000m and particularly over passes. However, valleys like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Palpa are have warm weather with foggy morning.

Himalayan monsoon falls on June, July and August. The country receives maximum amount of rainfall over this time which is essential for grain crops. 

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