Unexplored Region Treks in Nepal

Updated on June 21, 2024

Many unexplored and beautiful places in Nepal are suitable for vacation time. There are certainly some difficulties in making the journey to new destinations that have just been discovered, but it is also brave to face the challenges and move forward. Nepal, known as a piece of earth's paradise, is rich in natural and cultural terms. Nepal is a mixture of mountains, hills, and the Terai, where the world's highest peak, Mount Everest, can be seen from the lowlands to the lowlands. Many unexplored destinations in this country have a lot of potential for tourism. The mind-blowing places on the mountains' laps attract everyone's attention. Older trekking routes and destinations like Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek are still on the travelers' bucket list, which is a stylish trip package. Here are some unexplored region treks in Nepal.

Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang Trek is a stylish trekking package within a restricted area in Nepal's northern part. Mustang district is one of the remote areas of Nepal. The region is beautiful and enticing by surrounding the White Mountains and expanding to the Tibetan Plateau north. With the 8,000-meter-high Annapurna, the Dhaulagiri Mountains, other mountain peaks, the boundaries of the Tibetan Plateau, and other essential things, the Mustang was an ancient kingdom. The Tibetan language and culture influence the region. This place can be visited all year round. The entire district falls within the Annapurna Conservation Area, the largest conservation area in Nepal. The main occupation of the people here is agriculture and animal husbandry.

In the Upper Mustang trek trails, you can see colorful rhododendron forests, rocks, and deserts. This cultural trail with a combination of Hindu and Buddhist religions is delightful. The Muktinath Temple (Muktinath Tour) at the top of the course is very famous, which has been a holy pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhists for centuries.  The Upper Mustang Trek is known as a destination for a small number of tourists. The upper mustang trek is famous for its beautiful views of the mountains. The settlements, mountains, caves, and mind-boggling opinions will make this journey magical. Due to its incredible natural beauty, the number of travelers has increased in recent years compared to last year.

Dolpo Trek (Unexplored Region Treks in Nepal)

Dolpo is a high-altitude cultural Tibetan region in western Nepal, bordering China, north. This region is a remote area of ​​Nepal where horses are used to reach there and carry goods. The region has preserved its Tibetan culture in its purest form, making it an attraction for Westerners. Despite being a remote and unexplored area and tourist restrictions, the region has become a popular tourist destination among travelers.

The journey of the Dolpo trek leaves the tiny airstrip of Juphal and continues through the settlements. Lake Shey Foksundo, the highest point (3600 m) above sea level, offers a unique view of the forest and snow-capped mountains. Similarly, Phoksundo valley and She Gompa are connected by Kangla Pass. The highest point of this trekking in Nepal is the Kangla pass, with panoramic views of the mountains. Exploring She-Phoksundo Lake and visiting She-Gompa makes the trip even more fascinating.

The focal points of the trip include the mesmerizing Phoksundo Lake, the memorable Bon Po religious experience, the traditions of the locals, the culture, the daily life activities, delicious food, the sightseeing around, and the attractive environment that makes the trip new.

Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake, known as the largest and freshwater lake among the lakes, is a major feature of Rara National Park located in the Jumla and Mugu districts of Karnali province of Nepal.

The climate here is delightful in summer and very cold in winter. The best times to visit the lake are September, October, April, and May. Other times, the temperature drops to minus points from December to March, there is heavy snowfall, and the road is block. This area is warm in April, May, and June.

Surrounded by Rara National Park, the park was established to preserve the beauty of Lake Rara and prevent damage from human activities and protect rare and endangered wildlife species. Popular fish species and local Rara frogs are also found in the lake. The only way to get around the lake is by air. After the flight from Nepalganj Airport to Talacha Airport, you can reach Rara Lake in about two hours walk.

Rara lake trek is a popular destination in Nepal's remote and unexplored region treks in Nepal. The scenery and culture across the trails differ from other parts of Nepal. You will find Rara Lake at a high altitude, calm and picturesque inside the park, surrounded by pine, spruce, and Jupiter forests. The white peaks of the snow-capped mountains are captivating. The shores of the lake can be reached by traversing mountain roads and settlements. There is no place to provide health facilities around Rara Lake, so you must take a first aid kit with you on this trip. Similarly, accommodation facility is unavailable; such challenging activities should be traveled only through a trekking company.

Tsume Valley Trek

Tsum valley trek is one of the popular trekking packages in Nepal that welcomes travelers with its magnificent views of the mountains. Located in the northern part of the Manaslu region, this trek takes travelers to the blissful surroundings of Sringi Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Buddhist Himal. The people living in the Tsum valley are of Tibetan origin, the ancient form of their art, culture, religion, and dialect. Reach fewer travelers than on other routes; this destination is relatively popular. Tsum Valley Trek can be an option for travelers who come to Nepal for the purpose of trekking.

Arughat, a place seven hours away from Kathmandu, is also the trek's starting point and end point. The trekking route reaches the Budhigandaki valley through dense forests, mountain villages, farms, and some good roads. During the trip, you will visit the ancient gompas of the area (Rachen Gumpa, Mu Gumpa, Dephyudmona Gompa).

Tsum valley gets very cold and snowy in winter, while monsoon and rain start simultaneously in summer. Spring and autumn are consider best for this trek. While traveling from March to May, Ganesh Himal attracts a panoramic view of Himachali and colorful rhododendron flowers of different colors. Also, there is a clear view of clear skies and mountains in September and October.

Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Mountain is known as the third highest mountain in the world. It belongs to the Taplejung district of Nepal. The Kanchenjunga mountain range is located in Nepal and covers an area of 7000 m. Includes 16 Mountains above. The Kanchenjunga Mountains and their satellite peaks make a vast mountain massif. The top five peaks in Massif are Kangchenjunga Main, Kangchenjunga West (Yalung Kang), Kangchenjunga Central, Kangchenjunga south and Kangbachen.

Due to its inaccessible location in Nepal and challenging access from India, Kanchenjunga trek travelers travel less and search less. Due to this reason, the original beauty of this place has remained. Kanchenjunga base camp trek is a popular but unexplored region trek in Nepal. The Sikkim region has also just begun to allow for the Kanchenjunga region. Goecha la footpath is popular among tourists. This route leads to the Goecha La pass, just in front of the southeastern part of Kanchenjunga. Recently another hiking route, 'Green Lake Basin', has opened. This trek leads to the northeast of Kanchenjunga with the famous Zemu glaciers.

The Kanchenjunga region is rich in biodiversity, with over 200 species of flowering plants. Endanger species such as snow leopard, red panda, blood pheasant, Asian black bear, musk deer, and deer are also find here. The area is also famous for its diversity of butterflies and other insects.

Makalu Trek

Mount Makalu is place on the border with China, between Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region, and in the Mahalangur Himal, 19 km southeast of Mount Everest peak, the fifth highest mountain in the world. It is a lonely peak of eight thousand m in height that looks like a four-sided pyramid. This trek has two supplementary peaks (Kangchungtse and Makalu II). Makalu peak is one of the world's most difficult mountains to climb.

Makalu Base Camp Trek is a famous trekking route providing travelers with complete natural recreation. On this route, travelers can see the landscape of other high mountains of the world, including Mount Everest, Lhotse, Chamlang, and Baruntse. The journey of the Makalu trek continues through Barun National Park. The park is highly regard for its exquisite natural beauty, flora, and fauna. Crossing four passes is challenging in the trek but also rewards travelers. The best time to trek is from the end of April to the beginning of May, but most travelers trek in October.

New achievement of this trek is the view of the four high passes, the idea of the peaks above 800 m, the remote place and the daily routine of the locals, as well as the increase in the locals' income through tea house accommodation.

Dhaulagiri Trek

Mount Dhaulagiri, known as the seventh highest mountain in the world, is just inside the borders of Nepal. This mountain on the western boundary is 8167 m above sea level, about 65 km northwest of Annapurna Himal, on the banks of the bay west of Kaligandaki River. Above 25000 feet covered with snow are Dhaulagiri Ranges I, II, III, and IV and glaciers. Of these, Dhaulagiri I is the seventh highest peak in the world, with a height of 8167 m.

On the Dhaulagiri trail, you will be able to experience snow, glaciers, and two large passes (the French pass (5,240m/17,192ft) and the Thapa pass (5,155m/16,913ft). During the journey, Dhaulagiri, Thorong peak, the deep gorge of Kaligandaki River, and The charming view of Annapurna make the mind happy. Likewise, the mountain sheep, herds of semi-wild yaks, the routine of the locals, and the natural beauty of the forest in the remote valleys of this trail add to the beauty of this trip.

Nepal Trekking is advisable for all times of the year, but it bet on the area of travel where travelers plan.  It is commonly challenging to hike in the high mountains region during the monsoon season, but it is not impossible. Dhaulagiri trek is also a trek in the Himalayan region. The best months for Dhaulagiri circuit Trek are March, April, and May during the spring season, while September, October, and November are the best months during the autumn season. It gets freezing in the winter season and turns into ice. So this time is a little challenging for Dhaulagiri region Trek.

Limi Valley Trek

Limi Valley Trek is located in the far western and northern part of Nepal, considered the poorest and most remote area. It is a trek to a remote place and is relatively similar to Tibet. Known as the hidden mountain of Nepal, this valley is also a step in the journey of Kailash. Every year thousands of religious pilgrims travel through this route to the Kailash Mansarovar yatra. The journey continues as you look at the roaring green rocks of the Karnali River, the locals, the beautiful houses built of mud, the natural scenery, and the noteworthy trends.

On the routes of the hidden beauty of Limi valley trek, you will see the ancient Buddhist monastery and enjoy the journey by crossing the passes. You will also take Chugzur hot springs bath and observe beautiful mountain ranges, culturally rich village, and dry landscape; the treeless valley is some highlights of the trip. The best time to go on the Limi valley trek is April, May, September, October, and November, and camping accommodation is a must for the trip. Similarly, Travelers must physically fit and mentally prepare for this trip. As the journey begins from moderate to relentless, travelers should prepare accordingly.

Conclusion of: Unexplored Region Treks in Nepal

Unexplored Region Treks in Nepal are less actively active places where wilderness is really awesome and naturally pure. vividly climate, settlements, hidden beauty of nature, glaciers, mountains and endangered animals and birds and their habitat makes the trip unforgettable. In Nepal, many unexplored regions couldn't develop as trekking trails till now.

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