Nepal Trekking 2024/25

Updated on June 19, 2024

Nepal Trekking is one of the most admired and organic journeys towards mountains and hilly regions.

Numerous domestic and foreign tourists used to visit Nepal because of its natural splendor and idyllic surroundings. You may feel the true flavor of Nepal treks to its fullest on any trail, from the most difficult to the easiest. As a trekker, you can discover every area of Nepal and gain numerous exhilarating new experiences. During your trekking in Nepal, You can even participate in numerous activities which were held locally as part of the traditional culture in different regions of Nepal. Queries, particularly about when and how to purchase a ticket for this fantastic vacation, so we have included every single detail for your convenience.

You may rely on us if you've ever been perplexed about where to go hiking in Nepal. We'll give you an ocean of delight and countless possibilities on your journey across Nepal. Your presence will undoubtedly help the Nepal Trek campaign 2024.

So, there were many best places for trekking in Nepal which is frequently visited by domestic and foreign tourists who are ecstatic within. Well, there were various trekking companies that you can find for your next trek in Nepal.

Best Nepal Trekking Companies in Nepal 2024/25

Nepal trekking is memorable for most foreign tourists as well as local too. Most of you were so curious about trekking in Nepal and its local taste. You can find many Nepal trekking companies on Google with the best reviews, but many of you are confused about choosing one. It is not so hard to find one with more review on sites feedback but many local Nepal trek companies you might miss out. So, you choose from an available source that will surely help you to increase the Nepal trekking experience.   

Keeping this in mind, we present you Nepal Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd, established in 2015 AD. It is one of the best trekking companies in Nepal with unique trekking plans. Some of the best qualities are mentioned below:

  • It is providing the best quality services and the safest Nepal trek path to the Himalayas.
  • It will provide you best trip planner, team leader, professional guide, experienced porter for trekking in Nepal.
  • With the successful management team, people from all around the world put trust in it.
  • All the Nepal trek organized by Nepal Trekking Routes are highly focused on local style. It will let you grab the cultures and traditions of local people.
  • Due to our years experienced trekking guide and porter , you will not miss any slight information regarding the holistic Information of Nepal.

Best Season for trekking in Nepal 2024/25

Nepal Trekking is one of the most exciting trips for many foreigners but they need to be aware of the best season. Landscapes of Nepal vary from top to bottom so, geographically you should be prepared before packing your bags. Let’s talk about the two different seasons for trekking in Nepal

Main Season as Autumn Season for Nepal Trekking 2024

In Nepal, you need to be well aware of the best season for trekking in Nepal. During September, October, and November, tourists can enjoy the overall view and gigantic mountains. A few things which make these months best for Nepal trekking were below

  1. The higher elevation of mountains will be too cold and lower too hot during other months.
  2. The whole surroundings and atmosphere of the trekking path will be much more stable and moderate.
  3. You can have a glimpse of snow-capped mountains with crystal clear view.
  4. During your trek in Nepal, the fall season play a vital role to be reliable for the best experience.
  5. There will be rare chances of heavy rainfall so, the risk of floods, landslides, and bad weather can be minimized.
  6. These months will be perfect timing for days-long trekking/hiking on the foot of the Himalayas.

Mini Seasons as Spring season 2024

Mini seasons refers to sub-seasons where a few days and short hiking will be much more suitable. March, April, and May in Nepal are considered a mini-season for tourism. You can hike around the various places in Nepal by managing a time limit on this season.

There are various reasons to make it short. Some of them were bad weather, Floods, and landslides, which directly hamper the roadway for trekking in Nepal. But these seasons were perfect for adventure trekking and a few destinations for short hiking were:-

  1. Sarangkot – Naudanda
  2.  Ghorepani Trek
  3. Ghandruk Trek
  4. Kalinchowk Temple Tour
  5. Poon Hill Trek

Nepal Trekking Experts

People who have been in the field for many years of trekking with proper knowledges, skills, and experiences are considered Nepal trekking experts. To be an expert, you have to gain experiences from bottom to top. He/ she would work from porter to professional guide to know the typical Nepali Culture and tradition, life style. Some of the qualities that trekking experts carry on themselves are as follows.

  • Experts should be professional in solving any certain/uncertain issues of trekking destination.
  • Nepal trekking experts are fully train and completely aware of any local community.
  • They can translate any communication to all travelers.
  • They are critical thinkers who can solve Nepal trekking problems and provide better solutions through their experience.
  • Each trekking company like the Nepal Trekking Route Pvt. Ltd has its own best expertise in the field of Nepal Tourism Industries.

So, you can find many Nepal trekking experts with lots of experience in hiking and trekking. So, fell free to ask any thing for the best trekking experience in Nepal. It will be our pleasure to response you anything you ask.

Easy Trekking in Nepal 2024/25

Easy trekking in Nepal is one of the easiest ways to trek around Himalayas and it is also known as short trekking in Nepal. Tourists usually search for long days trekking and request difficult ones too. But some people are looking for the easiest treks in Nepal due to their interests fitness level & availability of time.

Many tourists did not want to risk because of their families and age. So, keeping this in mind, Nepal Trekking Routes provide one of the easiest treks in Nepal with full of adventurous activities. You can trek with family and friends and even with kids to have thrilling experience.

In this category, you can join with all age groups people and who can make it short. Easy Trekking in Nepal are,

  1. Mardi Himal Trek
  2. Ghandruk Trek
  3. Panchase Trek
  4. Ghorepani Poon Hill trek
  5. Langtang Valley Trek

Above mentioned places are way shorter and easiest treks in Nepal for tourists. These trekking routes will take you within 4 to 5 days to your destination from Kathmandu. If you want to hike even shorter probably some of the day hikes that fits to traveler

  • Nagarkot Hike
  • Shivapuri Hike
  • Champadevi Hike
  • Nagarjuna Hill Hike
  • Phulchowki Hike

So, these shorts and easy hiking will be perfect for local as well as international tourists. Nepal trekking 2022 will be best for all tourists for all category hiking in Nepal/trekking.

Nepal Trekking Equipment Check List

Trekking Equipment indicates those tools and accessories which will need for trekking in Nepal. You may be wondering about these trekking tools and equipment. Trekking to Himalayas is one of the best ways to Explore natural beauty and Panorama view with physical presence. So, in this blog, we have providing you, each piece of information regarding necessary equipment for Himalayas tour.

For your comfort, we have categorized this equipment according to different situations

sleeping accessories

  • Tent (According to your team members)
  • Silk liner
  • Bag and Pad (Sleeping)
  • Buddy Losan Cream (If Allergic to any insects)

For hiking accessories

  • Hiking Backpack (According to your supplies)
  • Pairs of Thick Boots (Water Proof will be better)
  • Pairs of Socks (Especially, Wool Will be better)
  • Shoes for Camping (Extra shoes will be better for you)
  • Wool Shirts and Light Pants (Easy for your Hiking)

Required Equipment

  • Glasses (Save your eyes from sun and snow)
  • Trekking Sticks (support you to climb)
  • Some Plastic Bags (Carry extra Supplies)
  • Gloves (Save your hands from strong winds)
  • Duffle Bag
  • Wool Jacket (save you from cold)
  • Head Lamp (easy to carry)
  • Hat and Caps
  • Woolen Sweater

Personal Accessories

  • Sun Screen (Base of Mountains have strong sun rays)
  • Bar soap and Washing Liquid (If possible, carry Biodegradable)
  • Necessary Items for Toiletries (It’s hard to arrange out there)
  • Hand Sanitizer (due to the limited access to water supplies)
  • Go Pro (Camera with extra batteries)
  • Novel or any Reading Materials (For personal Interest)
  • Pen and Notebook (to take note of Memorable moments)
  •  Hat (Woolen, to save your head from cold)
  • First head Kits (Carry necessary medication)
  • Thermos (To make your water or coffee hot for a longer time)

So, above mention items and tools will play a life-saving role while trekking in Nepal. In case of forgetting or are unable to bring this equipment, you can always purchase it from Kathmandu. Trekking equipment are way cheaper and easily available in the market.

Nepal Trekking Difficulty and Challenge

Trekking in Nepal has numerous difficulties and challenges itself. Many factors determine its difficulties and it has been addressed down below:-

Geographical conditions

Trekking in Nepal has always been the most thrilling and challenging journey for many people. You will encounter many high-elevation hills and mountains. Bad weather conditions and low temperature is always considered obstacles for tourists. Heavy rainfall in hilly, as well as Himalayan regions, means directly encounter with flood and landslide. So, geographically, Nepal trekking gives you the reason to trek in Nepal with passion.

Health conditions

Physically active people have always been less suffering from high altitude sickness, diarrhea, dysentery, etc. It is a foremost important subject to return as healthy as possible. Trekking in Nepal will surely challenge your physical and mental health. Body pain, headache, frostbite, and food poising were common health problems encountered by trekkers. Due to the lack of oxygen and low temperature, you may feel drowsy so, be prepared for it.

Nepal Trekking refers to an extremely long journey or walking which will surely give your leg numbness. Attached with experts and always carry first aid for your safety.

Financial conditions

Nepal trekking will surely challenge your financial status. From starting point to the time of return back from the destination, you will encounter many situations. Due to the lack of transportation facilities in a remote area, every supply was more costly. From accommodation to the food supply, porters to carry your materials, a guide, and experts to show you the trekking path cost a little more.

Even though trekking in Nepal will give you uncountable memories of nature, it is somehow expensive. Many times Trekking will become longer than your expectation, due to roadblocks or problems related to your health.

Infrastructure conditions

Trekking paths were much more difficult and were located far from human civilization. Due to the lack of Infrastructure like transportation, communication, hotels, lodge, etc., it become expensive. It will take lots of time and cost to carry supplies as well as medication. So, anyone who chooses to trek in Nepal needs to be financially as well as psychologically prepared for trips.

The lack of proper infrastructure will surely create a challenging journey for you. You might face a natural hardship on trekking so, stick with the plan of a guide and overcome it.

Nepal Trekking Blogs

Nepal trekking blogs usually indicate complete guidance and every little detail about the journey to Himalayas. Not only mountains but to those places where tourists can feel nature and the typical Nepali style of living. You can find hundreds of blogs about trekking in Nepal with legit reviews of trekkers.

Nepal Trekking Routes is one of the best places on social media to grab sufficient facts and organic blogs about Nepal trekking. Uncountable blogs can be found for your easiness and even motivate you to join the trekking plans in Nepal.

You can read many Nepal trekking blogs to gain knowledge and key point for better trips. These Nepal trekking blogs will be helpful for new trekkers from all around the world. People usually research treks in Nepal so, these blogs will guide you and prepare you mentally.  

Cheapest Trek in Nepal     

The cheapest trek in Nepal is also referred to as Budget trekking where you get a chance to enjoy full thrills in a limited time. There were many treks in Nepal where you can visit and enjoy holidays at less cost.

These low-budget plans by Nepal trekking companies like Nepal Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd offers you many more services too. With a limited budget, you get a trekking destination like

So, you can even take hiking and trekking plans in Nepal with a budgeted amount too.

Top 5 Famous Trekking Places in Nepal which is best for 2024/25

There are several locations for trekking in Nepal where you can go on a trek and have a good time, so pick one from the list below.

Everest Base Camp Trekking 2024/25

One of the most popular and thrilling journeys you will ever take is to Everest base camp trek. Getting the exhilarating feeling as you get to the base of the world's tallest peak is one of the ultimate ambitions for many domestic and foreign travelers. It will be 15 days trekking to Everest where you can enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Flying to Lukla will serve as the beginning of your hike ideally, sit to your left to get the best views of the formidable Mount Everest. Lukla to Namche Bazar is around 13.5 kilometers away (Gateway to Mt Everest). The 13.5km will pass via a Sherpa settlement where you may take in the breathtaking views of high-altitude white peaks. A few exhilarating locations that you can see when walking to Everest base camp are listed below.

  • Tengboche Monastery will be one of the best places to explore.
  • Khumbu Glacier will surely cool your long trekking thirst.
  •  From Kala Patthar, you can watch the almighty Mt Everest.
  • Tourists can explore the school built by Sir Edmund Hillary.

Langtang Valley Trekking 2024/25

You can arrive in Syabrubesi, the starting point of your trekking adventure to one of the most stunning Langtang valley trekking locations, Langtang, after an eight-hour drive from Kathmandu. To explore the snow top mountains, you can ascend as high as 4,984 meters. It will be mild if we can put it in the trekking category. Even better, you can take a rest while sipping tea with a typical Nepali flavor.

Of course, many of you might be wondering when the greatest time to go trekking in Nepal is, thus March through May and September through November are thought to be the finest times to Trek.

You will have the opportunity to see snow-capped mountains, pine forests, the chilly breeze from raging rivers, moraine glaciers, and many other exciting sights throughout your amazing trekking. Langtang Valley has been regarded as the first national park in the Himalayas since 1971. Tourists may meet with locals and enjoy the relevance of both Nepali and Tibetan culture and heritage because of the region's close border with Tibet.

After arriving at Langtang, some of the best spots to see include the Kyanjin and Langtang gompas, Saraswati Kunda and Gosaikunda, as well as the lovely village of Helambu, which is located right in the middle of Langtang and has numerous rare yak farms and factories where locals make yak cheese. Tserko Ri offers breathtaking sunrise views as well.

Mardi Himal Trekking 2024/25

Mardi Himal trekking/hiking is one of the tops and the quick trekking locations in the mountain area for tourists. It is situat in Nepal's Annapurna region, where you can see the magnificent and enormous Macchapuchre and Gangapurna Himal as well as a great number of other snow-capped mountains. Most likely, hikers headed east of Annapurna base camp. You might also think of it as off the usual road, offering visitors a chance to experience the Wild West with its creatures and dense woodland.

During these seven days of trekking, you can ascend as high as 4,250 meters. Your journey will be happen more interesting and thrilling by a variety of distinctive landscapes and uncommon, undiscovered glacial residential communities. If you're fortunate, you might be able to see the rhododendron, Nepal's national flower, bloom while hiking in the spring.

 Manaslu Circuit Trekking 2024/25

Well, Mount Manaslu, one of Nepal's eight tallest peaks, is the focal point of Manaslu circuit trekking. It will take around 14 days to complete the trek from Soti Khola to Syanje, and it will be enough to give you one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Walking across numerous suspension bridges (Jholunge pull) and interacting with residents of the Tsum valley as well as the Mu Gompa are two of the best experiences you may have. You can easily ingratiate yourself in the culture and traditions of the Gurung and Tibetan communities because of the region's close border with Tibet.

When discussing the various tourist types, some of them like quiet strolling with fewer people, thus this trekking is also for them. One of the most challenging trekking routes is the Manaslu trail. March through May and September through December are the finest seasons to do this hiking if you want to see everything.

Upper Mustang Trekking 2022/23

Ancient Buddhism, Gumba, Tibetan Influence culture, and tradition blended with the Nepali community are Mustang's most well-known features. You might also refer to it as the enigmatic and hidden world of Tibetan and Buddhist culture. Without any assistance, getting Upper Mustang Trek is quite challenging, making it impossible to have an exciting time. Tourists frequently find numerous intriguing items as well as memories because of its lengthy and rich historical history.

You can get to Dhakmar, where the height limit is 3810 meters. The best time to go on trekking/hiking in the Mustang region is from March to December. In this area, you can also enjoy the exhilarating sensation of ancient caves.

So, Upper Mustang Trekking is one of the restricted destinations when choosing a location for trekking in Nepal. But with experts and guides, you can enjoy the beautiful vintage city.

Easy Treks in Nepal provide you with the full information about how and when to start your journey. The essay’s motive is to give you each kind of information with or without personal experience. It conveys the message and helps you to figure out all sorts of necessary things for trekking in Nepal.

Essay Trekking in Nepal

After finishing the trekking in Nepal essay, you will get an idea of each part of trekking like the financial part, health, and other accessories. You can count the internet as a library where hundreds of Nepal Trekking Essay are available for you.

Conclusion: Nepal Trekking 2024/2025

Nepal trekking for the year 2022 is the boosting campaign for tourism sectors in Nepal. You can learn, experience, and enjoy the on-beat trails and off beat trails. Many off beat treks in Nepal are still hidden and rare among foreigners. You can go solo trekking only in unrestricted destinations but many places were restricted.

Few trekking destinations in Nepal where you compulsory need a certified guide:-

A few interesting facts about off beat trails are as follows:-

  • These treks are rarely been visited by foreigners which will be enough to give you Goosebumps.
  • Many treks in Nepal are already restricted by the government so, there will be fewer crowds.
  •  These trekking destination has been witnessed by fewer people with expert and certified guide.
  • It may cost you lesser compared to popular trekking in Nepal.

So, Nepal trekking for the year 2022 has been open to all the people around the world. Don’t miss a chance to explore Nepal Tour because Haven is a myth but Nepal is real.

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