Visit the Most Beautiful Valley in Langtang Trek

Do you want to enjoy an epic adventure from the best destination? Do you need to visit the best place for viewing the great wonders in the world? Of course, Nepal is the finest option for adventure seekers today. The langtang valley trek is one of the popular forms of trek route in Nepal region. This is a favorite trek for the beautiful valley. It is famous for stunning peak, Tamang culture and gentle access the mountain view.

  • The trekkers travel via excellent forest, yak pastures, high alpine meadows, and others
  • You can get a panoramic view of the open valley from the trek
  • The trekkers can able to see the incredible view of Langtang and valley
  • People easily visit Tibet from kyanjin ri

It is also labeled as the valley of glacier trek. From this trek, you can close to snow covered peak and amazing glacier in the Langtang trek. The trek provides mountain streams, pine forest, rugged rock, meadows, and lot more. We offer the best plan to the trekkers to hike the Langtang valley in an easy way.  One can discover the dignity, culture, and way of people.  It is the easiest trek in the region. This valley is the most beautiful valley in the Langtang region.

langtang valley trek

Know the duration of the trek:

We give the best package along with the possible option for the trek. If you have any doubt in the duration, you can immediately contact us and clear your doubts. We give the proper information about the trekking route and others to the trekkers. You must carry the proper permit required for the trek. You can never worry about the paperwork required for the trek. We take care of all the things regarding the permit and others. Normally, people take five to seven days for this trek. The trekkers follow important things offered by the trekking guide.

We also offer the map to the trekkers once decide to hike the peak. We arrange the trekking with the experienced and professional guide. The expert knows the proper route and walk on the better way.  You can see the skyline from kyanjin gompa village. On the other hand, people also view the snow covered mountain and enjoy the close view of the glacier. The trekkers can stay in a tea house and arrange camp in the region at the night time. So, you can walk on the best route and reach the summit.

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